Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood comes in all shapes and sizes. One source for reclaimed wood is the old barns dotting the back roads of just about every state in the Midwest. The barnwood siding is first stripped and stacked. Next the massive barn wood beams which supported the barn for the past 100 years are painstakingly removed. Often a crane must be used as some of these beams are solid 12” x 12” beams up to forty feet long.

Reclaimed wood has a naturally aged texture. It takes many years of weathering to create this aged worn character. The character of reclaimed wood cannot be entirely duplicated with fresh cut wood. Mother nature must work her magic slowly and methodically. Woodland Creek only uses reclaimed wood with the best natural blemishes and inherent character.

In addition to the inherent beauty of reclaimed wood, another benefit of reclaimed wood is the ease with which it can be touched up if you get a scratch or knick in the wood.  In a matter of a few seconds you can use either a touch up stick or a special tinted wax to make the scratch disappear. With traditional furniture, the scratch stands out and reminds you of its annoyance every time you look at it. With reclaimed wood you cannot tell if the character marking happened years ago when the barn was built or five minutes ago when one of the kids bounced a toy off it.

You will see many unique reclaimed wood furniture designs in our collection.   All designs are available in custom sizes and custom layouts.