Rustic, Modern, and Natural Wood Game Room Furniture & Accessories

Our game room furniture adds unique character to any rumpus room. See our exceptional selection of reclaimed wood game room furnishings from card to pool tables. Custom made in the USA.

The artisans at Woodland Creek love to build game room furniture. Whether you are in search of a unique pool table, a rustic log game table, a modern card table or an industrial poker table, we can build it for you, and we can build it in a myriad of sizes and color options. What, I have size and finish options? Yes, you do. Custom made game room furniture is one of our many specialties. Take a look at some of our gorgeous rustic pool tables and rustic games tables. Each scream “unique”. Each comes with a guarantee that friends and family visiting for the first time will stop in their tracks and forget all about your beautiful home and proclaim “wow, where did you get that?”  Everyone working at Woodland Creek is committed to building the highest quality and most unique game room furniture found in the world! We hope you will love it as much as we love building it for you.