Take pride in your heirloom quality furniture.

The internet is a blessing for people in search of products and services. The internet allows you to find whatever you are searching for at low prices with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Most retail businesses believe that shoppers make their purchasing decision based on “price” – the lower the price the better the chance of making the sale.  Retailers are constantly looking for suppliers that can give them lower prices so they can get their retail prices even lower.  Manufacturers know this and feel pressure to use low quality materials and redesign furniture so that it can be made faster (cutting labor costs).  It is a constant cycle of trying to be the “cheapest”.  With a cheap price comes cheap furniture.  We are now to the point that several large national retailers offer furniture made with corrugated cardboard at its core; they cover it with a micro thin layer of wood or plastic, and they call this furniture.  Woodland Creek has a different philosophy. We strive to offer quality furniture at a fair price.  We work off of some of the lowest profit margins in the industry in order to make the furniture affordable for our customers.  We would rather sell less and know that the furniture we have crafted will last for decades.  We use solid wood; we use the highest quality hardware; we use extra blocking in our furniture designs for strength; we final sand each piece of furniture by hand; we use the highest quality finishes.  In short, we do not cut corners.  Woodland Creek’s main goal is to offer unique, quality furniture for an affordable price. 

Our Reclaimed Barn Wood

The wood comes from old barns taken down in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. The barns we select are between 100 to 150 years old. The species are generally pine, spruce, and oak. We occasionally come across other species. The wood is full of inherent character. Only the elements, oxidation and TIME cause the wood to turn this wonderful patina. I know of a few companies that are taking down 35 to 50-year-old barns because they do not get as much scrap wood out of younger barns so it costs them less for the wood. They then try to enhance the wood’s patina with sandblasting and burning techniques. This process causes the wood to become blotchy and uneven in tones and does not look rich and warm as our line does. We have found that the only way to get this look is to use naturally aged barns. We hand select each piece of wood so that the patinas are similar. This gives the furniture its distressed look while blending the tones.

Woodland Creek's barn wood furniture may not be the least expensive, but our customers can expect the absolute best quality barn wood furniture. There are many ways to cut corners in the manufacturing of furniture. To name just a few - the number of blocks used to strengthen the piece, the type of drawer boxes, the type of drawer glides, the type of finish and the man hours put into prepping the piece for final finish all affect the price. 

We hope the following two photos will show you one just one small difference - the finish:

Notice how the bed on the left is blotchy and appears rough to the touch? That's because it is. With our furniture (bed pictured on the right), you are able to rub your hand all over, and it feels soft to the touch. Our finishing techniques are a trade secret, but what I can say is takes almost triple the man hours just to get it ready to be sprayed. We then spray four quality coats of finish, hand sanding between each coat. The extra man hours and painstaking attention to detail contribute to a first class finish. I hope you are able to see the difference. And this is just what you can see.

Now allow me to explain a huge difference in our dining tables - our table top is an engineered tongue and groove floating wood top with a patent pending (meaning our competitors cannot copy or offer this type of top). The joinery is pocket hole screwed joinery. Beam to beam construction is done with lag screws or timber frame screws. If reclaimed wood is glued together it has a very high probability that it will crack - this is a major difference between our reclaimed wood dining tables and our competitors. Many years ago we had problems with our tops cracking. Once we began using this type of top on our tops our problems ceased. We ship hundreds of dining tables and many hundreds more of other styles of barn wood furniture to dry climates such as Colorado, Arizona, and Texas each year. We have not had an issue with our tops in over five years. The tops will adjust to the varying moisture conditions of the seasons without you even noticing.

There are so many ways to cut corners with furniture to get the cost down. We prefer not to do this, but rather to offer the highest quality furniture on the market. Our quality is superior, our finish is superior, and our customer service is superior. We let the other guys fight over the low end of the furniture business. We offer fair year-round pricing, but we do not discount. If you want furniture you know will be made right and be of such quality you can pass down for generations, then we are your company.

Our Design & Construction is the Difference

All case goods have solid wood drawers and heavy duty ball bearing drawer glides. This furniture is built to be passed down for generations.


The barn wood furniture is very low maintenance - it might be the lowest maintenance furniture on the market. First, the wood has been slowly dried for over 100 years – no cracking or checking. You can use pledge or wax if desired for a soft luster. If you get a scratch, divot, or dent in the furniture, it takes all of one minute to repair and you will not know the spot. We give you a touch-up jar of the paint. In just a few minutes the spot will blend in.

We Work For You.

Woodland Creek Furniture was founded with the goal of offering the highest quality furniture for your lifestyle at the best prices. We're proud of our product quality & designs, competitive prices, and our excellent customer service. We're ready to help bring this generational quality furniture into your home.