Rustic Barn Wood Furniture

The antique barnwood comes from old barns taken down in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. The barns selected are between 100 to 150 years old. The naturally aged and weathered barnwood is full of inherent character. The elements, oxidation and time slowly give the barnwood its wonderful aged texture and warm patina.

There are a few furniture companies that are taking down 35 to 50 year old barns because they do not get as much scrap wood out of younger barns so it costs them less for the wood. They then try to enhance the barn wood’s look by using sandblasting and burning techniques. This process causes the barnwood to become blotchy and lose its natural tones. We have found that the only way to ensure each piece of barnwood furniture has a soft warm luster is to use naturally aged barns. Each barnwood plank is hand selected so that the board’s patinas are similar in color. This attention to detail gives our barnwood furniture its distressed look while blending the tones. We will not compromise on quality. Woodland Creek will only offer the highest quality handcrafted barnwood furniture.

All our barnwood furniture designs are available in custom sizes and custom layouts. If you do not see it, just talk with one of our customer representatives, and we will design a beautiful piece of barn wood furniture together. For more information on what makes our barn wood furniture the highest quality available on the market see a newly posted article on our blog by clicking on this link: