Still Waters Run Deep

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Still Waters Run Deep

link to the river runs throught it coffee table You might think that you’ve seen your fair share of modern coffee tables, or hybrid designs that combine rustic and contemporary motifs, but we don’t think you will have ever come across anything as different and beautiful as our A River Runs Through It coffee table design.

Unforgettable design elements

If a modern coffee table is sleek and unfussy and rustic coffee tables tend to be more rugged and organic, how can we describe this incredible design? Just referring to it as a solid wood coffee table seems somehow too understated! So, perhaps we need to devise an entire new genre! One that accounts for rich redwood, sleek metalwork and smooth pebbles all coming together in perfect harmony. Here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we’re known for our attention to detail! We also consider all design elements to the nth degree! So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when we were designing our river rock coffee table. We wanted the stones to be extra special too. Technically, we could have filled the beautiful wood voids with any pebbles! However, instead, you’ll find handpicked, vibrant stones form the Great Lakes. No, we are not joking and yes, there will still be still plenty of usable flat surface space in and around your unique top.

Making the River Runs through it Coffee Table your ownlink to the river runs through it coffee table.

We knew that as soon as you saw this design. You’d want to commission a custom coffee table from us! Which is why we set out to offer a number of sizes, options and even shapes to choose from. Also, no two homes are identical, so while one might have a perfect space for a large rectangular piece of furniture. Others might barely have enough room for a smaller circular variety. We wanted to be able to offer everybody an equal chance of owning one of these spectacular items! Which is why you can customize to your heart’s content. You get to choose between rectangle and round designs, before selecting an ideal size. However, there’s another fun twist – you get to choose what style of base you have as well. If you want to ramp up the modern rustic coffee table vibe. You can select a metal base that will bring sharp contemporary contrast into play! However, if you like to keep things strictly rustic, an organic log base is on offer as well. You can even ask us to build you this table out of a different wood. If redwood isn’t to your taste. It all starts with a conversation and we love hearing from you.

link to the river runs through it coffee table Prepare for jealousy

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is clearly a designer coffee table. It’s unusual, but also usable, stylish and tactile, which means that you should be ready for some serious envy from friends and family members. We can’t take responsibility for any jealousy that you might encounter, but we can promise to deliver you the coffee table of your dreams and totally free of charge too (within the USA).
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