Reclaimed Furniture: The Most Environmental Choice

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Reclaimed Furniture: The Most Environmental Choice

I met a lady once who was, as I found out later on, an environmentalist. She’s not the kind of self-professed environmentalist but she’s the real deal. What I mean is that she was on to real programs and advocacies for helping green the planet.

As I was on the course of writing for this blog, I remembered her because of something that she told me once about the use of trees for rustic furniture.

I had the idea way back then that people who can actually appreciate log furniture should be a bit of an environmentalist. I guess I presumed that environmentalist would have to be the first group of people who would go against anything unnatural or synthetic like metal, plastic, concrete and the like.

But as it turned out, I presumed wrong. This lady told you about was strongly against the use of wood or log as furniture. She thinks building houses with wood as materials should be discouraged and eventually banned.

I tell you, what she said cut me off back then. I thought to myself, “Man, what a shame. What was I thinking?  I realized that she should’ve hated the thought of having to cut down trees.

Since environmentalists have a say on a lot of things and most people consider their opinions legitimate; I was made to ponder for a while about whether what she said was right or wrong.

As I understand it, what’s right is using natural resources as much as we can to prevent the extensive manufacture of artificial materials that will deteriorate nature eventually. What’s wrong is using natural resources to its extinction.

What’s right is using natural resources that are renewable and consequently taking the responsibility of renewing them. What’s wrong is being irresponsible and not repaying nature as much as what we have benefited from it.

What’s right is maximizing the use of the resources we took until its core. What’s wrong is making a waste of what nature gives.

In that sense, I believe I have to disagree with the lady. Log furniture isn’t at all non-environmental and should not be seen as a way of exploiting the environment.

If you want the most environmental choice, log furniture should be your choice. Should you arrive at selecting which is which, reclaimed barnwood furniture should be your pick and I should say it’ll be the wisest pick.

Reclaimed rustic furniture is recycled. These are furniture made from used logs and/or wood planks. Recycling these formerly used materials will save us from cutting more and more trees. It is also the best option when it comes to durability, style and statement because reclaimed furniture have gotten sturdier through the test of season and produces the most classical or vintage look you can get from wood.

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