The Star of the Countryside

Barn Star
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The Star of the Countryside

Before my husband and I made the cross country move from Iowa to Washington, DC, I had not yet had the privilege of traveling very much. I remember one childhood trip I took with my parents. I believe I was probably around 9, and we drove to Colorado to take in the sights of the Rocky Mountains. I also remember all I could think about was “are we there yet?” I believe I drove my parents crazy, because I don’t think we took any more trips like that. Needless to say, I certainly wasn’t old enough to appreciate the sights and sounds that we encountered along the way.

So, twenty (or so) years later, driving across the eastern half of the United States was quite an adventure to me. I was so excited that, even though I was a passenger, I was unable to sleep when we were driving during the day. I didn’t want to miss any of the landscape that was passing by our windows. After all, there were all kinds of interesting things to see and wonder about!

I was thrilled when we crossed the state line into Pennsylvania and I started to see the barns that dotted that beautiful countryside. These were barns unlike any I had witnessed in person before, for they had architecture much different than those back in Iowa. They had louvered shutters over the windows, different shapes and sizes, and many of them sported a very large star situated in the roof peak. I was mesmerized by those stars.

I have expressed my love for barns many times before. For some reason, I also have an affinity for stars. I can’t explain it, but I love to incorporate them into my décor. These lovely barns in Pennsylvania were combining two of my favorite elements. When I was able to Google about their meaning, I discovered that there wasn’t any one definitive answer. Apparently the Amish had brought this tradition with them when they moved into the Pennsylvania area, and decidedly decorated their barns in this new area with their traditions of old. Some say the stars signified good luck, similar to a horseshoe. Others argue that the stars are merely aesthetically pleasing. Still others contend that the stars are a representation of the barn’s builder. Myself, I like the idea that the star was a good luck charm.

Whatever its purpose, be sure to complete your home’s barnwood furniture ensemble with a barn star of your own. They exist in many different forms and textures, so you can be sure to find a star that will fit into the décor of your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Bring the star of the countryside into your home and let it be your own good luck charm!