A Desk Fit For a CEO

2020-04-30 19:15:03 12 view(s)

A Desk Fit For a CEO

link to the copper & reclaimed wood desk Never let it be said that we don’t thrive on a challenge, here at Woodland Creek Furniture! When we decided to see if we could transform the notion of office desk from perfunctory and, often, a little dull! Into explosively beautiful yet still functional reclaimed wood desk. We knew we had our work cut out for us! However, our Hacienda Copper Desk is proof irrefutable that we managed to fulfill our mission!

Overcoming Preconceptions with a Copper and Reclaimed Wood Desk

The trouble with office furniture is that it has such a predestined purpose that practicality is usually allowed to overshadow any nuance of stunning design. We know what you might be thinking; that as long as a desk lets you be productive, why bother with fancy finishing touches and world-class design? Well, we happen to think that a space that you love being in, filled with gorgeous furniture and positive energy. It will make you more productive than ever before and a striking desk is the perfect way to get started. A solid wood desk offers you timeless style and a sturdy base on which to build your empire but think about adding in some extra design nuances that will take your office from work-worthy to wow. Copper office furniture is enjoying a serious surge in popularity right now, but most people are stopping short of investing in something truly incredible, opting for accessories only, such as lamps and stationery storage. A copper and reclaimed wood desk? Now that’s something to really enjoy working on. link to a reclaimed wood desk

One Of A Kind

We know that if you are planning to invest in an extra special desk. You want to be assured that you’ll never walk into another office and see the exact same one! Which is why we have taken steps to guarantee your individuality. We designed our Hacienda desk to be made from reclaimed wood. We do not use faux aged timber! However, we use genuine reclaimed wood that features notches and marks from centuries of USA history in every plank. Finished by hand to create a tactile surface! You can run your hand across any part of this desk and feel that heritage within. With such an enigmatic material being used for the main constriction here, we knew that the only accent able to stand up to the pressure would be reclaimed copper and with nothing but repurposed antique materials in place, no two pieces can ever be the same. Designed by our team of visionaries and brought to life by masters of their craft! Our Hacienda Copper Desk is just one example of how your office, whether at home or work, can be a thing of beauty as well as practicality. Handy cupboards and drawers have been included as a matter of course! Also, we are also delighted to be able to offer this desk in any size and configuration that you want. One size doesn’t fit all in the business world and nor should it be expected to in your office either, so get in touch to start a conversation about bespoke designs.