Rustic Copper Furniture Overview

Our Copper Furniture is manufactured by hand in Mexico.  You will not find more high-quality copper furniture from any other manufacturer.  We have been working with this craftsman for over 17 years and he continues to provide us with beautiful, well-built furniture.  Drawers are a solid construction and are wood on wood glides.  The wood is "Pinero Montero"; a high-altitude pine which is a higher density which means it is heavier compared to other types of pine. The wood has been used for the past 400 years for big roof beams in the adobe/tile roof building construction prevalent throughout this part of Old Mexico; which located is at about 7,500 ft. above sea level in the south-central Sierra Madre Mountains. The craftsman salvage it, select it, saw it up, and use it in this furniture.  Some of our pieces are shown with bases made from other sources which means it may be a different type of wood.

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What Makes Our Copper Furniture So Special?

It is reclaimed copper wrapped around a substrate material.  Our copper is some of the thickest gage on the market and our seams are virtually invisible.  In addition, the color tones in the copper are what really set our copper apart from others.

Our copper tops are crafted using a very specific temperature range to heat the copper.  The heat creates the rich and varied combinations of colors in the copper.

The colors of red, brown, orange, and black in the copper are a function of the very small amount impurities in the recycled copper and also a function of the specific temperature of the fire used to heat the copper. The colors are random and are not controllable – each piece is truly unique as no two pieces turn out exactly alike.

All copper is sealed with clear paste wax which is the correct and proper sealer for copper. Periodic waxing is required by the customer to keep the copper sealed and protected from oxidation, moisture, and spills.  So, in summary……..The copper is burned and oxidized….never would we put paint or lacquer on copper. If you would like, we do NOT have to seal the copper with wax.  Without the wax it will naturally oxidize and ultimately patina green (like the statue of liberty).

We have had many clients use their tables outside.  Weather will not hurt the copper.  As stated above it you want to keep it from turning green, just keep a thin coat of wax on it.  You will only have to do this every few weeks, and it takes only minutes.  Please note, if going outdoors we must specify the copper to be wrapped around MDF.  Up-charge is applicable.  

Information About the Copper

Be Careful When Buying Copper Furniture.

How It Is Made Can Differ Significantly Based On Where It Is Made.

Our copper is very different in appearance due to the way it is recycled and processed compared to industrially refined copper available in the U.S., Pakistan, India, South America, and other countries. Copper varies significantly depending on the skills and methods employed by each individual coppersmith.

Just like anything else; copper tabletops are available in high quality, medium quality, or low quality. Some of the noticeable differences in copper table tops are the nature of the colors in the copper, the spacing and depth of hammering, the thickness of the copper, the edge and corner treatments, the invisibility or the visibility of ugly solder lines where copper sheets are joined together, how flat and even the copper lies and adheres to the underlying substrate (rather than bubbling up and being uneven in places), how the copper is sealed, and how the copper wears and ages over time with use.  Our line of copper furniture is the highest quality copper furniture available on the market AND you will NOT see ugly solder lines in our copper furniture.­

When It Comes to Copper Furniture, No One Can Compete with Our Expert Craftsman

The method the craftsman uses is to wrap, solder and glue the copper to the core material which is plywood.  MDF is used for outdoor applications when specified and an up-charge is applicable for this option.

Old World craftsmanship is used to hammer & form copper using methods developed centuries before the Spanish conquerors arrived in Mexico. The fire is stoked, and old copper materials are recycled by melting into a disk or ingot and allowed to cool.  Then the ingots are alternatively heated red-hot and hammered in rapid harmony by our skilled coppersmiths using nothing more than fire, hammers, and an anvil. 

This process is repeated, and then the copper is flattened into the proper size and cut into the desired shape. A very specific temperature range is used for heating the copper in order to fire the rich and varied combinations of colors directly into the copper. It is an incredibly labor-intensive operation, and it is only practiced by the coppersmiths in Villa Escalante, high up in the Sierra Madre Mountains of south-central Mexico.

Why Should You Buy Your Copper Furniture From Woodland Creek Furniture?

  • The craftsman fires rich colors directly into the copper to allow the healing of stains and scratches
  • The hammering is optimized, which is critical in terms of how the copper wears over time with use
  • The hammering is shallow enough so it can also be used as a writing surface
  • Solder lines joining the copper sheets are virtually undetectable
  • The flat-lying copper does not rise or bubble up
  • The corner and edge treatments are rounded and without any sharp or pointed edges
  • The craftsman seals the copper with paste wax, which is the proper sealer used for copper
  • The custom coppertops are available in virtually any size or shape

Copper Construction

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