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  • When Art Meets Functionality

    There is some debate as to whether our Modern Root Console Table really is a piece of functional furniture, or whether it is an art piece that escaped from a gallery, as it garners attention at every turn. Stunning and dramatically different, it has the power to captivate an audience and elevate the interior design of any room and what’s more, it really IS a console table, not just a decorative addition.

    A masterclass in daring design

    Combining rustic and contemporary design features isn’t always an easy task, especially when bold materials are being considered, but we think that our modern console table has gone where few others have dared go before.

    The combination of a black linear metal casing, filled with reclaimed tree root segments is exciting, artistic and makes for a transitional piece of furniture that can be housed in any style of home. Picture this contemporary console table in a traditional lodge or cabin, adding in just a soupçon of modernity to amplify the rest of the heritage styling. Likewise, in a sleek, unfussy apartment, a rustic addition such as this would make for a dramatic centerpiece.

    Just when you think that this incredible item can’t get any better, we reveal that there are custom options available, for a cohesive home aesthetic.

    Created just for you

    None of our creations are mass produced and sitting in a dusty warehouse, which means that they are made to your exact specifications, once your order has been placed. With this in mind, you can inject a little creativity into your finished piece. Choose the right size for your home and the impression that you’re hoping to make, add a live edge top if you fancy one or tell us a specific purpose you have in mind for your new furniture. We are as adaptive as we are committed to quality.

    Available as an entertainment center with integrated shelving, with a wooden frame instead of a metal one and in a myriad of different dimensions, your needs take precedence when we build you a solid console table. We are looking to add more finishes to your list of options as well, so stay tuned!

    Made in Michigan

    If you decide that our teak console table is for you, you’re choosing an all-American product, designed and crafted in Michigan by our team of artisans. Not only will your metal frame be hand-forged, your section of root will also be carefully selected to fill your table proportionally, while the bare surfaces will be hand finished to bring out the natural beauty of the wood itself. The end result is a piece or art-furniture that can stand alone as a focal point in any room, or act as a functional addition, built for purpose and stability.

    We ask for patience when creating one of our Modern Root Console Table designs, as the root sections, in particular, can require adequate sourcing time. We will keep you updated as to timescale, but please remember that this is an artisan item that we don’t rush, in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

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