The Perfect Accompaniment

2021-10-04 17:19:55 19 view(s)

The Perfect Accompaniment

Sometimes you just want to be able to casually fling an arm over the sofa arm; and, know that there’s a table there. Well it never hurts when that console table is gorgeous, tactile and absolutely perfectly designed! We design it to offer valuable surface space in even the tiniest of spaces, does it? We think so; which is why, we would like to introduce you to our sofa table. We came up with our Rustic Hand Carved Log Sofa Table. Can we just take a second to drink in the full majesty of this design please? From the naturally contrasting creamy and warm tones of the delicious Asian walnut; to the swooping lines, graceful curves and smooth as silk finish! This is one special table that you’ll never regret investing in.

A Beautiful Choice of Wood For a Rustic Hand Carved Sofa Table!Link to the rustic Hand Carved Sofa Table

So, why did we choose Asian walnut? Just look at it! One of the most beautiful woods in the whole world! We love how it seems to be having an internal dialogue with itself; lending those bold but complementary contrasts to any finished piece of furniture. It’s also such a pleasure to work with; So much so, that giving our artisans free license to play with a great big hunk of it feels like a real treat. Though the top has been finished to be perfectly level and smooth, we think the rustic vibe has been kept alive with a raw edge and unpredictable base. No two will ever be absolutely identical and it speaks wonders as to the creativity at play here that we supply these tables with just a clear finish. Anything else would simply cover up some of the amazing inspiration! What we are most proud of however; is that this table proves that rustic designs can be polished, high-end and undeniably chic. It’s not all about rough sawn marks and insect tracks. Sometimes, a simple piece of beautiful timber, hand carved and given a new lease of life. Is all that’s needed to bring truth to the materials and keep the rustic feel. Simply add some coasters, a cozy lamp and hunker down on the sofa for some easy reading, with all the reachable surface you need.

Free Shipping for Your Convince!

We know that with a piece this special, you’ll be worried about shipping, but we take care of everything for you. Not only do we cover the cost, within the contiguous 48 states, but we also ensure that your new console table is perfectly packed and protected for it’s journey to you. If it doesn’t reach you in pristine condition, just let us know and we will sort everything out. And though we only have one size listed here, please be aware that it is a guideline, as hand-carved pieces always fluctuate, but that means we can also accommodate bespoke requests! Need it a little slimmer? No problem! Want more height? Sure. Just let us know. We love taking our standard offerings and giving them a tiny bit more love, just for you.