Can't Sideline this Sideboard

2021-10-22 13:31:58 35 view(s)

Can't Sideline this Sideboard

We know that sometimes you want your storage furniture to fulfil a duty and almost slink into the background unnoticed, but why? Investing in beautiful storage furniture that not only ups the practicality of your house; but also, adds significantly to the aesthetic is fantastic! We might just have the sideboard to convince you of that.  Let us show you our Rustic Teak Sideboard!

Retro, rustic and revolutionary with a Rustic Teak SideboardLink to the Rustic teak Sideboard

We are so in love with our rustic teak and reclaimed wood sideboard that it’s hard to know where to start with describing it. First off, there’s the overall appearance which harks back to the 60s; with a boxy cabinet propped up on slim legs and boasting a super simple frontage. That’s no bad thing as we all know how sought after those classic 60s pieces are today. Hang on…is this a future collectible? We’ve brought together two of our favorite woods; teak and reclaimed timber, to create a harmoniously multi-tonal design that doesn’t deserve to be hidden in a dark corner. In fact, we think you’re likely to place this somewhere it will get a lot of attention; or maybe even buy more than one, to add some flair to a variety of rooms. Afterall, this style of storage can work anywhere! In a bedroom, what you’re looking at is a perfect folded clothes storage space with a flat top for cosmetics and accessories. In a living room, this could be a games cabinet or even something to stand your television on and we just know you can picture this in your hallway too! What a way to hide all the shoes and dog leads!

One size doesn’t fit all

Though we think this solid wood sideboard will look fantastic in any style of home, from cabins and lodges to contemporary urban apartments, we know that one size never works for everybody, which is why we have two to choose from. Whether you need a two or four-door version; your sideboard will receive the same amount of care and attention during the build process! What’s more, you’ll qualify for free shipping within the US mainland too. We’ve been creating stunning solid wood furniture for long enough to see trends come and go. However, two things have remained the same: storage furniture is always needed and simple designs with a retro twist are always popular. Who doesn't like a little dose of nostalgia in their homes after all? When you can bring retro vibes together with much-needed storage; it’s a recipe for success! As long as, you can keep the themes understated and chic. Now we don’t like to toot our own horn or anything; but, we think this piece really speaks for itself in that respect.  Do you agree?