Eco Furniture

  • Good Taste Never Goes Out Of Style

    For a barnwood dining table with a rustic flavour, our Timber Frame Support Dining Table is impossible to ignore.  From the chunky proportions to the fully customizable dimensions, everything about this piece has been designed with you and your timeless taste in mind.

    A real talking point

    Have you ever seen a piece of furniture in person and found yourself drawn to it? Perhaps wanting to reach out and touch it, before asking more about where it came from? That’s exactly how anybody seeing your reclaimed barnwood table will feel.

    Delicately etched with 100's of years of American history, every timber has been selected for its stance and aesthetic appeal, before being brought together into a large statement table. We always choose the most structurally sound and appropriate reclaimed timber pieces for our exclusive designs. There is nothing sub-par or ‘pre-loved’ about barnwood, it is simply a beautiful material that has proven itself to be of the highest quality and ingrained with the most character.

    The top, gargantuan in both impression and gorgeousness, floats effortlessly on top of a simple wooden frame that speaks of a time gone by, when artisans knew the value of their skills and wanted to showcase them.

    Pride in our work

    We’re keen to return to an appreciation for craftsmanship, which is why each of our re-purposed wood tables are made to order, especially for you. Because nothing is ‘stock’ to us, we encourage you to consider being a little pickier and asking about a custom size, as it certainly won’t be too much trouble for us. If just a few inches could make all the difference between a handsome table and one that you cannot believe is yours, it would be silly not to take advantage of our workshop magicians.

    We make furniture for you, that’s our driving force. Whether you’re after a western style dining table, rustic coffee tables, real log vanity units or a reclaimed wood dining table, we are here to make your dreams come true and all from our USA workshops. Domestic production is something we are exceptionally proud to be championing, so we never cut corners during the design, manufacture or shipping of your once-in-a-lifetime investment.

    Your table, your choice

    As we’ve said, we make to order and customization is our specialty, so why not think a little more outside the box? You might look and the steadfast and sturdy design of this wonderful table and think there is little room for adaptation, but you can opt for an extending version, adding two 18” leaves. Add this to whatever size you want the main installation to be and you could find yourself capable of hosting banquets, never mind cozy family dinners!

    Finished by hand, to ensure a smooth, tactile piece of furniture that not only cries out to be used, but also loved and maintained, we know that you’ll fall in love with the  Timber Frame Support Dining Table during your first meal, if not when it is being unloaded at your home!

  • Eco Furniture is Natural Wood Furniture taken to the Next Level

    The term “environmentally friendly” has been used more in the past decade than perhaps ever before in history. As the issues related to the depletion of our natural resources, global warming, and pollution come to the forefront in the new millennium there are those in every industry that find a way to do their part to preserve this planet. Woodland Creek Furniture chooses to make eco furniture, our small contribution to the solution for problems that have in many areas reached epic proportions.

    Eco furniture is environmentally friendly furniture that is made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is wood that is gathered, not cut down. Most often it is taken from the piles made by the demolition of barns and farm houses, preserving the natural resources of our woodlands and forests. With it, we create all natural wood furniture that is taken to the next level, giving you the beauty that you’re looking for in your home without the negative consequences to the environment.

    Each piece of reclaimed wood that we collect and bring back to our furniture gallery has a unique look and feel to it that can be used to create something significantly different from any other piece of furniture you may have purchased before. Combining different types of wood and then preserving them with a finish to enhance their natural beauty turns these already rare pieces into timeless classics. Our craftsmen are the very best wood working artists in the business and we do custom orders if you’d like to share some ideas of your own.

    Eco furniture is also sometimes called organic furniture. Since it’s created from all natural wood, when the time comes for it to be discarded it can easily be reabsorbed into the eco system it was taken from. Unlike plastics and synthetic materials, wood is biodegradable. It will last for many generations inside or even outside of your home, and there is nothing to worry about when it finally does see the end of its usefulness to you. If you throw it away its safe for the environment and perhaps someone at that point will reclaim it like we did and create something new.

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