Best Materials to Combine with Wood

2021-10-21 13:40:15 134 view(s)

Best Materials to Combine with Wood

Solid wood furniture looks, smells and feels great to use and live with; however, when you want to add some extra pizazz. There are a host of fantastic materials that work beautifully with natural timber. Here are our top 5:

1. Contrasting woods

Is this one a bit of a cheat? Maybe. However, no other materials for wood looks as good as other, color-contrasting varieties of wood. The striking visual of pale and dark woods working together and being intertwined in a stylish design is unforgettable and retains the organic feel that solid wood always inspires as well. 

2. Metal

Whether in the form of trims, handles, frame or bases, metal is a fantastic partner for wood across a variety of platforms. And don’t forget that it can be plated, coated and coored too! We feature a number of designs that have options of black, polished stainless steel and even brushed gold stainless steel features and they all look incredible, with a variety of woods.

3. Resin

DIY videos and social media might make it look as simple as pouring resin into a crack to create dynamic table design; however, there is far more artistry and skill involved than you might think. When partnered correctly, you can enjoy a dazzling visual contrast that tells a story and creates finished furniture items. Items that have unique charm and personality. If you’ve ever marveled at tables with bright blue ‘river’ effects running through them. Then you’re already aware of the wood and resin trend.

4. Leather

Leather and wood. It’s a love story as old as time! One provides the stability and support and the there the luxury and comfort. From high-backed dining chairs with thick, sumptuous seat pads encased in the butteriest leather; to traditional rustic desks with inlaid leather tops! There is so much scope for bringing these two gorgeous materials together. We particularly like sticking to a subdued and natural color palette with the leather, ranging from chocolate browns to soft beiges and maybe even a forest green. Gorgeous!

5. Stone

Wood and stone go together so well because they coexist in nature but when you bring them into your home, what an impact they make! It’s because they interact naturally, with varying textures and colors creating an organic harmony but within an indoor setting, they look surprising and interesting together! Our favorite way to combine these two materials is with a rustic bathrooLink to a vanity combined with a material for wood m vanity unit that plays host to a countertop stone sink. What a way to make the ‘smallest room in the house’ feel like an exceptionally big deal!