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Good Clean Style

2021-10-21 14:03:45 20 view(s)

Good Clean Style

Bathroom vanity units used to be a neglected element of home design, maybe because of their perfunctory natures. However, we’ve decided to take a stand against boring bathrooms! Let us show you our Rustic Teak Wood Vanity!

Link to the Rustic Teak Wood Vanity

Rustic Teak Wood Vanity Style

When it comes to rustic furniture design, we’re the experts. It’s no use being falsely modest or humble here. We know what good designs look like. We know how to craft lasting furniture. Furthermore, we do both on a daily basis. That’s why when we turned our attention to bathroom vanity units! We wanted to step outside our comfort zone and go for gold. That’s exactly the motivation that led to the rustic teak and reclaimed wood vanity coming to fruition.  Whoever said that wood and bathrooms can’t mix was wrong and potentially responsible for years of people being afraid to bring their rustic dreams into their most private spaces. We’re here to tell you that not only do the right woods THRIVE in bathroom environments; but also, that rustic vanity units and accompaniments look fantastic in a bathroom. Why? Because they are so charmingly warm and inviting.

Keeping Rustic Teak Wood Vanity designs simple

Bathrooms don’t need to be fussy, they need to be clean, easy to use and comfortable, which is what we kept in mind when we designed our rustic vanity. Combining hardy teak with dramatic reclaimed timber, the undulations in wood tones here create all the excitement you need; without fiddly detailing, but we haven’t skimped on the storage.  Available as a two or four-door option, you can easily hide away all your toiletries and spare linens; before, adding what we think is the absolutely perfect finishing touch - countertop sinks. Whether you need one or two, adding a stone sink just sets the organic vibe of this vanity off and creates an overall look. A look that is spectacularly luxurious but somehow so natural at the same time. You could even choose to keep the wood theme going and install petrified wood options, with an understated faucet.

Key points to remember before installing wood in a bathroom:

  • Choose a reputable furniture supplier who can answer any questions you might have
  • Be sure you are using wood that is moisture resistant
  • Consider aromatic choices such as teak and red cedar

Make your choice

All you need to decide is which of our two standard sizes you need and which sink and faucet package you’d like to add. From there, we will do all the legwork for you. Of course, it’s our honor to ship free of charge if you live in the contiguous states, leaving you to simply choose your plumbing team and wait for installation day. But wait. If you’re replacing a vanity, do you also need to consider a linen closet or other matching storage? If you do, be sure to check out our comprehensive range of rustic bathroom additions.
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