Dining Chairs

  • Take Notice of this Counter Stool

    Not all bar and counter stools are created equal; with many falling prey to wobbly legs, being uncomfortable or simply not looking elegant enough. We’ve thought long and hard about creating the perfect rustic stool. One to counter all of these issues and at last, here it is. Let us show you our hickory log counter stool!

    Link to the hickory log counter stool


    The joy the hickory log counter stool

    Let’s jump right into the design process here and talk about why we decided to create a hickory log upholstered counter stool. First of all, we wanted the stool to be strong; but not bully, while also giving us a really rugged rustic look. That left just one wood as a possibility: humble hickory. Stoic, tough as nails yet modest in size when it comes to logs. We knew it was the perfect choice for this design! Furthermore, don’t you just love the way the spindles have been delicately turned at each end to fit into the frame without any disjointed connections? 

    The frame of this stool, we think, is one of the most handsome we have ever produced; despite being so wonderfully simple. The hickory does so much of the work here with that raspy bark and naturally gorgeous exterior, but we wanted to to add extra struts to show it off, so you’ll find three on each side of the stool, not just the standard one or two. But then came our real dilemma: how do we finish it?

    A luxury seat


    We could have taken so many different turns here. Naturally, there was the option to have a hickory seat, gently shaped to offer comfort; however, that wasn't what we were after. We pictured someone wanting to sit here for a few relaxing hours! That’s when it hit us: a thickly padded, decadent leather upholstered seat.

    Not only will a padded seat be welcome, baby wrapping the generous layer of foam in leather; you can embrace an ageing rustic aesthetic for the next few years. Every use of the seat will create a more buttery soft leather. Every movement will start to add a little character! Then, before you know it, the top will look as rustic as the frame! You will have stools that look as though they were built with your home!

    To complement the hickory frame, we’ve selected a neutral chocolate brown for the upholstery and think that it really sets the whole look of wonderfully. And while we think this is a fabulous stool to behold, we know that it wouldn’t look too much to have say three or four, all lined up at a breakfast or home bar. That’s how understated we have managed to keep them.

    We ship for free when four or more are purchased together; or, one ships for free with a large item! There’s never been a better time to treat yourself to some upmarket comfort with nature at its core. Go on…you deserve it!

  • (Got your) back for good

    Everybody remembers a bad dining chair, not least because of the ongoing chiropractor bills that come as a result of sitting on it for too long. However, why don’t we celebrate the really good ones more? Today, we will with our Austere Upholstered Dining Chair!

    It’s true isn't it? If you’ve ever been forced to sit on an uncomfortable chair for a long period of time. Then you remember it and the style of chair that caused you pain, right? Well, when was the last time you felt supported and comfy; and, took a mental note of the chair that brought you joy? Probably never, because you took it for granted. Today, we encourage a little appreciation for the humble perfect dining chair, because we have created it!

    Gorgeous style with the Austere Upholstered Dining Chair!

    Are dining chairs traditionally the most exciting thing in a space? Of course not, but that doesn't mean that they have to go unnoticed or undervalued. Even though we have created a super simple variety here, in the form of our Austere oak upholstered dining chair, the timeless style and inherent comfort cannot be denied.

    The upholstery is as reserved and unfussy as possible, being offered in a beige or gray, so as to complement the maximum number of dining spaces possible. Of course we could have offered a neon pink or lightning bolt fabric option. However, we don’t think as many of you would need them. Maybe. The generous seat and back padding provides a soft surface for all key contact points, while the gentle tilt of the back support gives you scope  for relaxing into your seat a little more. Then comes the frame.

    Crafted from quality oak, you know that this is a frame built to last. So much so, you’re far more likely to reupholster your seats a few times; before, you need to carry out any repairs or remedial work on the oak! We’ve maintained a sleek, tapered design throughout the frame to pull together a modest and compact feel. One that will look great around small or large family dining tables alike.

    Link to the Austere Upholstered Dining Chair

    Logistics and delivery

    These chairs are considered to be small items, which means that unless you buy 4+ in one order; you will be liable to pay a small freight fee. We keep shipping costs as low as possible, but single items need to be paid for unfortunate, but hey. Maybe this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to pull the trigger on a whole new dining suite? Is your table a little tired, as well as your chairs? If you buy a full set together, curbside delivery is provided free, just so long as you are in one of the contiguous states.

    We’d like to take a minute to say thank you for considering a domestic product, handmade in our artisan workshops. In an age where disposable and cheap options have become the norm, taking the time to consider a more sustainable and crafted alternative is exceptionally appreciated. That’s why we are only too happy to do everything in our power to make your ordering and shipping process as simple as possible, so if we can help in any way, please get in touch.

  • The seat with the seamless lines

    Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to treat yourself to some new dining chairs. Your old ones were ok and did the job just fine, but now you want to up the style stakes, inject a little modernity and maximize your comfort too. Well then. We might just have what you’re looking for! Let's show you our Watson Falls Upholstered Leather Dining Chair 

    A wonderful waterfall design

    Our Watson Falls upholstered leather dining chairs are a whole new level of dining room chic, but what exactly is a waterfall chair? In simple terms, it’s a seat that has a continuous swathe of upholstery that forms an unending seat and back pad. The look feels contemporary and most importantly, looks so comfortable, thanks to the graceful bend that creates in-built support.

    Sat atop a stoic and simple wooden frame base, the waterfall seat itself has the look of a gently balanced art form, almost suspended in mid-air. It’s quite the optical illusion and comes in either beautiful beige or timeless tan. In a bold move away from the norm though, we’ve made the base just as gorgeous as the upholstery!Link to the Watson Falls Upholstered Leather Dining Chair

    Artistry and ash wood with upholstered leather dining chair comfort!

    Solid, beautiful ash wood has been put to perfect use for the chair frame here and the pale timber really helps to highlight the sumptuous luxury of the leather that sits on top of it. It looks and feels smooth and thanks to the mid-back design; gives support exactly where you need it. Especially during those long family dinners that stretch out into the evening. 

    We’ve kept everything else standard, to allow you to mix and match with any regular height table, so your seat is a comfortable 19” high, but what’s that? You love the look but have a yearning for something a whole lot more custom? Why not ask and see what we can do. A colored finish on the ash wood perhaps? Or maybe alternative upholstery? It’s all just a question away.

    Easy delivery

    If you buy less than 4 chairs, a small freight fee will apply! However, buy 4+ or just one chair with a new table and we are delighted to offer free shipping; within the contiguous states. If you’ve been looking for a sign to replace all of your tired chairs and not just the worst one. This is it, as the money saved on shipping really does make these seats more affordable than you’d ever believe. Guests certainly won’t believe what great value they were either.

    If you’re after a stock design and we have stock, you’ll be able to take delivery usually within 1-2 weeks, so what are you waiting for? Order now for an early holiday present to yourself!

  • The Perfect Accompaniment

    ining tables are great but they have stolen the show for long enough; and now, it’s time for dining chairs to get their time in the spotlight. Once toe afterthought of a new dining suite, perfectly comfortable, stylish and lasting  leather dining chair is a must. Let us show you the fabulous design we have today.

    Simplicity rules

    We aren’t afraid of a little fancy design and you all know that when it comes to dining room furniture. We create some of the most beautiful tables around, but what about chairs? Well, given howLink to the Hawthorne Leather Dining Chair dramatic so many of our table designs are, we wanted to come up with a simple chair style that could be used in more than one style of space, which is how our Hawthorne leather dining chair came to be. 

    At first glance, these chairs could look understated to the point of totally neutral. However, in reality, a lot of considered design and craftsmanship has gone into them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the details.

    A Buttery soft leather dining chair

    What’s the biggest problem with most dining chairs? That they aren’t comfortable enough for extended periods of use and that’s not exactly helpful; when you think about holiday gatherings, dinner parties and the like. That’s why we chose the softest, most sumptuous leather for our upholstery! Furthermore, you can choose from three deliciously neutral yet still impactful color choices too! These choices  include: soft beige, traditional tan and chocolate brown.

    We take care to not only cover your chair frame, but them add an extra layer of padding. All of it is encased in your choice of leather, with a stylish overhang at the top. Which guarantees no uncomfortable pressure points or forgotten edges and with detailed stitching; we know you’ll love the look as much as the feel.

    Understated metal bases

    As a do-all dining chair, we made sure to create a simple yet very secure base. One that we make from a simple metal frame that can be left silver or colored black. Sitting at 19” high, the chairs will work with any regular height table and can be reupholstered at any point, to last even longer. Tastes may change but a stylish metal base is forever and can always be adapted to blend with new decor; so if nothing else, what a fantastically sustainable choice!

    If you order 4+ chairs or fewer with a dining table, we are delighted to ship for free, within the contiguous US states and as always, if you have a bespoke idea that you’re dying to talk about, please do get in touch today.

  • A Multifunctional Bench that's a Marvel to Behold

    If you’ve never thought of seating as anything to get overly excited about, we understand. We might also be about to change your mind; because, the joy of multifunctional seating is something you never get bored of, once you’ve benefited from it. So let introduce you to our modern tuscan bench!

    A multifunctional Modern Tuscan Bench!

    Chairs are great, stools are fab but for really adaptive seating; you need to consider a beautiful solid wood bench for your home. Why? Because you can place them anywhere you have room! Wherever you need some useful extra seating and they can even be swapped out for regular dining chairs; to maximize the number of guests you can accommodate. In short, there’s nothing they aren’t handy for.

    Let’s take a busy hallway. Everybody prefers to sit while they put shoes on and a slimline bench like our Modern Tuscan Natural Wood Bench is an unobtrusive and stylish addition that will let plenty of people get ready together. Now, picture a gorgeous dining table, an occasion when lots of you want to get together! They get together to eat, and have a hankering for a really sociable setting. That’s when this bench will really come into its own; before, sliding gracefully beneath the top and out of sight until next needed. Though with this design, that actually feels like a bit of a waste, given how stunning it is.

    We knew we wanted to use a special material and they don’t come much more striking than Asian walnut. With a warm and decadent hue that radiates from the grain; finishing the base in black allows the rich top to really glow. There’s a swaying flow to the grain itself too, adding a little movement to a stoic and sturdy piece of furniture! One that you will otherwise plant to its spot!Link to the Modern Tuscan Bench

    A beautiful bench made in Asian Walnut!

    Thanks to the inherent beauty and hardiness of Asian walnut; we don’t apply a finish here. This leaves the wood natural and ready to bed into your home with grace and charm. We do, however, invite you to make a decision about the length of bench that would best suit you and your needs. We offer five standard sizes, ranging from four to eight feet; but as always, we can step up and help with a bespoke set of dimensions as well. That’s the beauty of making everything to order and right here in our USA workshop. 

    Order more than one bench or one bench alongside a larger item and we will ship curbside for free. This might be a good excuse to look at a new dining table as well, to take advantage of not only a significant freight saving; but also our complementary designs that will look symbiotic and stunning with this bench neatly tucked beneath it. We also have a range of other Asian walnut pieces, ranging from traditional and rustic through to sleek and undeniably contemporary, in case you simply can’t get enough of that grain!

    One bench that can do the work of four chairs. To us, that just sounds like savvy economics!

  • Timeless style you can see in black and white

    Monochromatic designs have remained elegant and fashionable throughout the ages and we’ve used them as inspiration for our Black Walnut and White Cedar Log Dining Chairs that promise to finish any eating space with a little extra pizazz.

    Black Walnut Dining Chairs in STYLE!!

    Are dining chairs normally something special? Not really, no. Given the proportions of a dining set, it’s normally the table that commands most, if not all of the attention! However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t balance things out with some exceptional chairs too. Rather than just wanting to make the table a star attraction, make the entire set-up complementary; or, if you have a limited budget, why not start by upgrading your space with some utterly stunning seating options? Our log dining chairs will fit the bill, whatever you’re hoping to achieve. 

    We have three incarnations for you to choose from, in order to give you the best chance at accommodating everybody you need to, within your designated area. We have arm chair, side chair and slim sideline chair designs to select, each marrying together the rich and dark tones of black walnut with the creamy softness of natural cedar. We’ve utilized the strength of the walnut for the seat base in each version. This allows for the saving the cedar for the statement legs and back support spindles; and, we think you’ll agree that the look is striking yet so sophisticated. With a gentle touch; we hand finish every surface to ensure tactile smoothness! Finally, then we apply a clear topcoat for protection without adulterating those amazing hues. Link to the walnut dining chairs

    Our Work Speaks for Itself!

    We don’t subscribe to hard sell tactics. Primarily because our work speaks for itself; but, also because we are more interested in offering genuinely good value! Rather than trying to persuade you to buy more than you need to. With that in mind, we have set our free shipping threshold at just four chairs. Buy less and we have to add a small freight fee to your order! However, it can be negated by purchasing a full set all at once, or by selecting a table as well. We only ask for between seven and nine weeks to build your new chairs; so, that doesn’t leave you a lot of time to suddenly decide that you would like to get a couple more! So, we encourage you to think about how many you really need and wait until you can order them all together. 

    Beautiful as they are or easy to add a textile seat pad to, our log chairs are the ideal way to tie a new dining set together and inject some serious rustic charm into your home, without having to negate comfort for good taste. We know that these chairs will be just as pleasant to sit on for a long holiday feast as a short family midweek dinner; so, let us know how many we can make for you, today.

  • Coordinated chic for dining room glamor

    You might be surprised to learn that even if they love the rustic aesthetic; some customers decide to veer away. Just because they are worried about finding the perfect chairs to match their table. Let us show you a perfect rustic hickory bench to match with your table!

    Link to the Rustic Hickory Bench Rustic Hickory Bench

    We understand that matching a large item to numerous smaller pieces can be tricky; because, go too matchy-matchy and the look will be overbearing. However, if you get the styling wrong and your space will look thrown together. We always take the time to design and suggest seating solutions that will not only work with certain tables; but, gently allude to the same features and tropes, without being too obvious. However, what happens when the table you’re finishing off is simplicity itself? You follow suit!

    A Perfect Match in our Rustic Hickory Bench

    Our Rustic Live Edge Hickory Base Dining Bench is a perfect match for the same-named table. Thanks to the understated but undeniable elegance of the table; we were able to mimic the look, just with smaller proportions and seated comfort in mind. 

    The bench is available to buy in six lengths, to correspond with your table dimensions. From there you get all the same choices. Be sure to match your woods for a fully cohesive look, though if you wanted to add some contrast; a different finish might be a simple way to achieve it.

    Just look at the seat slab. Smooth, fluid and gorgeous. The live edge makes for a fabulous aesthetic and also some extra comfort behind your knees. Then there’s that hickory base again! Just as striking yet still not straying into the realms of themed or gimmicky. It adds a textural and rustic allure that’s impossible to ignore.

    When being used, the slab is sturdy and comfortable; then it simply slides underneath your table for a space-saving solution and an unfussy dining room. We love it as is, but don’t be afraid to experiment with textile additions. We could imagine an embroidered table runner being put to great use here, adding a little color;  and, at the right time of year, festive charm. 

    Generously Shipped for Free

    link to the Rustic Hickory Bench Live Edge Rustic Hickory Bench

    We know you are unlikely to buy a dining bench without the matching dining table; which is why we are proud to offer free shipping with this bench, when you order a large freight item. In other words, buy your whole dining set in one go; and, we’ll give you the transport for free, within the contiguous states. 

    Designed and made in our workshop firmly planted on US soil; we create with you in mind. Our solid wood pieces are a testament to the stoic spirit of what makes this country such a powerful force! We want to help you inject a little pride and presence into your home too.

  • Stylish Wood Dining Chairs To Dine For

    The interplay between incredible wood and gorgeous fabrics has long been recognized as a sign of high-quality furniture with considered design at its core and our Bell Arc Asian Walnut Dining Chairs are proof incarnate of exactly this. Fall head over heels for these stylish wood dining chairs and elevate your dining experience.

    Stylish Wood Dining Chairs Bell Arc Asian Walnut Dining Chair

    The Best of Stylish Wood Dining Chairs

    What use are solid wood dining chairs that look good but feel like medieval torture devices? None, we say, but that doesn’t stop other companies from designing seating without taking into account basic comfort and ergonomics! We know that great looks, perfect performance, and amazing support can be combined into an elegant piece of furniture. That's exactly why these curved back, stylish wood dining chairs are available. How much has your back been yearning for a little extra indulgence?

    Taking solid Asian Walnut wood and adding in design expertise that accounts for your spine’s natural curves, then finishing everything with padded cushions and indulgent fabrics, we have successfully combined style, function and comfort, all without breaking a sweat. What’s more, we have kept in mind that not everybody is in the market for traditional leather upholstery.

    Fine Dining Details

    We think you’ll agree that the sumptuous brown leather upholstery option looks beautiful against the Asian Walnut dining chair frame. We don’t want you to miss out if you prefer a simpler fabric, however. Our off-white fabric contrasts with the warmth of the wood, perfectly blending into modern interiors with an understated minimalist theme.

    If you look at our product images, you might notice that the two different styles work incredibly together! Are you brave enough to consider alternating your upholstery styles, to add even more eye-catching interest to your dining space? Eclectic soft furnishings are very popular and monochrome never goes out of style, especially in a contemporary setting.

    Built in Value

    Take advantage of our free curbside shipping when you also buy dining table or four or more chairs. Investing in new dining room furniture can mean a big outlay. We make the process as easy, transparent, and cost-effective as possible by partnering with Bread. This financing partner doesn’t apply penalties for paying early and helps spread out the cost of upgrading your home.

    Your dining table and stylish wood dining chairs are where all the best memories are made. Don't wait to take this chance to add extra style to your special space.

  • Woodland Industrial Dining Chair


    Woodland Industrial Style Dining Chair

    Beautiful and Elegant Woodland Industrial Dining Chair

    Some pieces of furniture, despite being essential, have long been expected to simply fade into the background. It offers perfect functionality without drawing attention to themselves. Dining chairs are a perfect example of this in action.

    With all eyes on your choice of fabulous dining table, chairs have rarely been given a chance to shine. However, here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we want to change that. Woodland Creek will show you a range of contemporary dining chair styles that deserve to be noticed. Come with us now as we introduce you to our Woodland Industrial Wood Dining Chair designs and see if your dining room can accommodate more than one showstopping piece of furniture!

    link to the Rustic Industrial Dining Chair Woodland Industrial Style Dining Arm Chair
    link to the Rustic Industrial Dining Chair w/ no arms Woodland Industrial Style Dining Side Chair


    When it comes to striking the right balance between comfort and style. We know that not everybody will think of metal frame dining chair options, but that’s a mistake. Ergonomic design plus high-quality materials, when combined by the right team of artisans results in something extra special! As you can see here, but let’s get into the details.



    The best materials

    When creating our handmade wood and metal chair. We were careful to think about every individual element, as well as the overall whole, which is why we have used:

    • Traditionally forged steel. This gives the chair both a classic aesthetic but also offers strength and longevity. Welds are finished smoothly, to give it an industrial finish, without looking unfinished.
    • A choice of six beautiful woods. These are used for the back panel, as well as optional arms and contribute to the overall look dramatically. Which is why we wanted to give you as much opportunity as possible to tie into an existing color scheme in your home. One wood does not fit all and we know this more than most companies.
    • Premium chocolate brown leather. Elegant, timeless and synonymous with upmarket furniture, there was no question that this was the right decision. We know that as the material enjoys a little use, it will only get more characterful and buttery soft. The seats are cushioned and padded to add extra comfort as well.

    The ideal accompaniment

    If you’re thinking to yourself that these chairs look amazing, but might not work in every style of home, think again. Yes, the forged metal dining chair could seem like a bold choice, especially within a softer décor scheme. However, we just think that’s a great contrast. What’s more, industrial furniture has an in-built talent for looking both traditional and contemporary. This makes it the ultimate hybrid option.

    An extra incentive

    We always aim to pleasantly shock our customers. Which is why we have an offer in place to give you access to incredible savings. If you buy a set of these dining chairs along with a dining table. Then suddenly, every chair is more than $100 cheaper, plus we include free shipping within the 48 contiguous states as well!

    Comfort, style and exceptional value, all included in one incredible product that will add more than just practicality to your dining room…that’s the Woodland Creek Furniture way!

  • Something Old, Something New

    Modern wood Dining chair Modern Wood Dining Chair

    Trying to design modern dining room furniture isn’t as simple as it might seem and we’ve realized that some of our best ideas are a happy meeting of retro inspiration with chic, contemporary lines, as opposed to simply being on-trend. We think you’ll see the slightly vintage vibe in our Modern Wood Dining Chairs offered here. While also appreciating the curves that make these pieces so ergonomic.

    Great Support with Great Modern Dining Chairs

    Not many companies can say that they offer genuinely beautiful seats that double as lumbar support dining chairs! However, we can! What’s more, we’ve managed to create a hybrid design! One that takes the best elements from numerous style genres to create a modern-meets-retro-meets rustic dining chair! That would fit perfectly at home in any setting.

    Let’s take a look at the ergonomics first, shall we? By purposefully looking to draw up a curved back dining chair. We thought more about how to add as much user comfort as possible. Which is why a contoured seat was also included. If a hard wood seat isn’t your favorite. How about swapping it out for a version that’s topped with a high-density foam-filled seat pad and finished in deliciously smooth, buttery leather? The seat amplifies the overall user enjoyment exponentially. Now that we know this is a seat that is a treat for your back, whichever style you choose. Now, let’s look at the aesthetic touches that make a statement.

    Amazing Dining Design

    Taking a solid wood dining chair and turning it into something genuinely interesting and even, dare we say, artistic, might sound like an easy enough task, but when it comes to marrying different timber hues perfectly and making frames flow, it takes special talent. Our creatives worked hard on this design, adding gently flared legs, contrast strips and optional tapered arms. That all come together to make not only a stylish and elegant silhouette. However, one that actively beckons you to take a seat. You WANT to take a moment on these chairs, because they exude a friendliness that can only come from rich wood that has been made perfectly tactile and smooth.

    If you’re wondering how we could possibly make these chairs more desirable, hang on to your existing seat, because they are actually black walnut dining chairs. We love this wood and have made many pieces from it, because it balances an expensive aesthetic with timeless elegance, and it is a joy to work with. Ready to stand the test of time, both in terms of heavy use and changing interior design trends, we are confident that these chairs will be one of the best investments that you ever make.

    Shipped for free, when four or more chairs are ordered together, you can choose to finance your new dining furniture, with a transparent and catch-free monthly installment plan through Bread, our trusted financing partner.

    Be sure to take a look at our black walnut dining tables, as you might find that with free shipping, our reductions and an account with Bread, you could totally overhaul your dining space!

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