The seat with the seamless lines

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The seat with the seamless lines

Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to treat yourself to some new dining chairs. Your old ones were ok and did the job just fine, but now you want to up the style stakes, inject a little modernity and maximize your comfort too. Well then. We might just have what you’re looking for! Let's show you our Watson Falls Upholstered Leather Dining Chair 

A wonderful waterfall design

Our Watson Falls upholstered leather dining chairs are a whole new level of dining room chic, but what exactly is a waterfall chair? In simple terms, it’s a seat that has a continuous swathe of upholstery that forms an unending seat and back pad. The look feels contemporary and most importantly, looks so comfortable, thanks to the graceful bend that creates in-built support. Sat atop a stoic and simple wooden frame base, the waterfall seat itself has the look of a gently balanced art form, almost suspended in mid-air. It’s quite the optical illusion and comes in either beautiful beige or timeless tan. In a bold move away from the norm though, we’ve made the base just as gorgeous as the upholstery!Link to the Watson Falls Upholstered Leather Dining Chair

Artistry and ash wood with upholstered leather dining chair comfort!

Solid, beautiful ash wood has been put to perfect use for the chair frame here and the pale timber really helps to highlight the sumptuous luxury of the leather that sits on top of it. It looks and feels smooth and thanks to the mid-back design; gives support exactly where you need it. Especially during those long family dinners that stretch out into the evening.  We’ve kept everything else standard, to allow you to mix and match with any regular height table, so your seat is a comfortable 19” high, but what’s that? You love the look but have a yearning for something a whole lot more custom? Why not ask and see what we can do. A colored finish on the ash wood perhaps? Or maybe alternative upholstery? It’s all just a question away.

Easy delivery

If you buy less than 4 chairs, a small freight fee will apply! However, buy 4+ or just one chair with a new table and we are delighted to offer free shipping; within the contiguous states. If you’ve been looking for a sign to replace all of your tired chairs and not just the worst one. This is it, as the money saved on shipping really does make these seats more affordable than you’d ever believe. Guests certainly won’t believe what great value they were either. If you’re after a stock design and we have stock, you’ll be able to take delivery usually within 1-2 weeks, so what are you waiting for? Order now for an early holiday present to yourself!
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