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Take Notice of this Counter Stool

2021-10-22 14:00:37 29 view(s)

Take Notice of this Counter Stool

Not all bar and counter stools are created equal; with many falling prey to wobbly legs, being uncomfortable or simply not looking elegant enough. We’ve thought long and hard about creating the perfect rustic stool. One to counter all of these issues and at last, here it is. Let us show you our hickory log counter stool! Link to the hickory log counter stool  

The joy the hickory log counter stool

Let’s jump right into the design process here and talk about why we decided to create a hickory log upholstered counter stool. First of all, we wanted the stool to be strong; but not bully, while also giving us a really rugged rustic look. That left just one wood as a possibility: humble hickory. Stoic, tough as nails yet modest in size when it comes to logs. We knew it was the perfect choice for this design! Furthermore, don’t you just love the way the spindles have been delicately turned at each end to fit into the frame without any disjointed connections?  The frame of this stool, we think, is one of the most handsome we have ever produced; despite being so wonderfully simple. The hickory does so much of the work here with that raspy bark and naturally gorgeous exterior, but we wanted to to add extra struts to show it off, so you’ll find three on each side of the stool, not just the standard one or two. But then came our real dilemma: how do we finish it?

A luxury seat

  We could have taken so many different turns here. Naturally, there was the option to have a hickory seat, gently shaped to offer comfort; however, that wasn't what we were after. We pictured someone wanting to sit here for a few relaxing hours! That’s when it hit us: a thickly padded, decadent leather upholstered seat. Not only will a padded seat be welcome, baby wrapping the generous layer of foam in leather; you can embrace an ageing rustic aesthetic for the next few years. Every use of the seat will create a more buttery soft leather. Every movement will start to add a little character! Then, before you know it, the top will look as rustic as the frame! You will have stools that look as though they were built with your home! To complement the hickory frame, we’ve selected a neutral chocolate brown for the upholstery and think that it really sets the whole look of wonderfully. And while we think this is a fabulous stool to behold, we know that it wouldn’t look too much to have say three or four, all lined up at a breakfast or home bar. That’s how understated we have managed to keep them. We ship for free when four or more are purchased together; or, one ships for free with a large item! There’s never been a better time to treat yourself to some upmarket comfort with nature at its core. Go on…you deserve it!
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