Dash your Preconceptions!

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Dash your Preconceptions!

If we asked you to picture a rustic solid wood dining table, what image would come to mind? Something a little fussy maybe? Or with amplified patina, unnecessary metal braces and hard-to-match dining chairs? Well, first things first, that’s not how rustic furniture has to look, when it is designed well and made by artisans that understand their craft. Secondly, you can have a contemporary take on rustic designs, however unlikely that might sound, when you shop with us. Let us show you with this X Base Dining Table! link to the x base dining table

A Marriage of Styles with an X Base Dining Table!

Hybrid designs are fantastic. They let you get the best of a few different influences! This means that you can bring together a host of things that you enjoy, all in one piece of striking furniture! However, it has to be done well. We know that not every new-meets-old design is a winner, which is why we took more time, extra care and a lot of consideration when we created our X Base Dining Table. We started with an idea centered around an x base dining table. The simple and striking nature of the look, coupled with the middle stretcher bar, creates an updated version of the traditional and much-loved trestle base dining table that features in so many rustic homes. From here, we knew that a solid wood top was the only option, which is offered in either alder or red oak, for that perfect farm style. The main design feature that we wanted to include, was adaptability though! Which is why there are plenty of options for customizing your build. link to the x base dining table

Made to measure

When you want a suit that fits you perfectly, you go to a world-class tailor! When it comes to buying a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime, amplify its surroundings and fit a space without compromise? You come to us at Woodland Creek Furniture. Our contemporary rustic design gives you a host of options. The first thing we ask you to decide on is whether you want yours to be an expandable dining table. From there we offer a choice of six standard sizes for non-extenders and 18 for those that do increase by a leaf, or two. Next, you’ll select your preferred finish and finally, you’ll tell us which width will work best for you. By building in this much choice, we make it as simple as possible to select not only the most beautiful table that you’ve ever seen, but one that fits like it was individually commissioned. Of course, that’s also a possibility and you are very welcome to contact us and start a conversation about a truly bespoke build. We’ve taken the time to include all the features that you’d expect to see in a rustic table! From a trestle base to a solid wood top and the result is a breadboard end dining table. That maintains sleek lines and simple character to keep it contemporary. Built to order, usually within 6-8 weeks. Your dining room could be transformed in little more than two months if this is the right table for you!
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