Sleep Easy On A Reclaimed Wood Bed

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Sleep Easy On A Reclaimed Wood Bed

Sleep Easy On Reclaimed Wood Beds

It’s no secret that the focal point in any beautifully designed bedroom is a stunning bed! However, knowing which direction to go in can be difficult. There are so many variations to weigh up, but for the perfect blend of timelessness, organic elegance and seamless integration into a wide range of décor styles, the Woodland Creek Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed is hard to beat. Read on to find out what makes this bed so special. [caption id="attachment_14681" align="alignnone" width="696"]link to the reclaimed wood platform bed Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed[/caption]

Good looks that speak for themselves

Purposeful and strong, the wood platform bed injects a rich hue into any surroundings by drawing natural light towards it and radiating warmth and exotic charm. You can choose between a rustic textured look or a smooth-sanded finish. Both of which offer the ideal base for the crowning glory of the whole piece – the eye-catching headboard. A balanced blend of contemporary design flair and rustic materials. The headboard sees swathes of reclaimed timber broken up with delicate ribbons of stainless steel that catch the sunlight and add just the right amount of sparkle.

Sizing tailored for you

Offered in four sizes, from twin through to eastern king, there are reclaimed wood beds for every home. Moreover, you can have some design input into your finished piece of furniture, by deciding how tall you’d like your headboard. This is a lifetime purchase and here at Woodland Creek, we don’t believe that you should compromise when it comes to creating your perfect bedroom. So, if this bed could be the one for you, if only the headboard was a little different, tell us. We can also create fully custom pieces.

A smaller environmental footprint

With sustainability being a societal watchword right now, selecting this reclaimed wood bed allows you to sleep easy knowing that you made a responsible choice. Being able to align your ethics with a dynamic aesthetic and functionality is rare, but this bed checks every box. Naturally, using reclaimed timber means that no two beds will ever be identical, but this is all part of the rustic charm of the design. There’s also something rather special about knowing your furniture had a previous life. [caption id="attachment_14680" align="alignnone" width="683"] Wood Being Reclaimed From Old Structures[/caption]

Easy integration into any bedroom

If there’s any piece of bedroom furniture that is guaranteed to look and feel great. It's a reclaimed wood bed! Organic materials have a natural ability to adapt to their environments and won’t date or age in the same way that fashionable materials can. In fact, wooden bedroom furniture seems to get better with every year that passes. Consider a fresh Scandinavian bedroom scheme. What would look more at home than a reclaimed wood bed? Or how about a traditional country aesthetic? Again, a wooden bed is the only choice. Even in a minimalist home, a reclaimed wood bed with hidden drawers would be the functional and beautiful choice, proving how truly versatile an option it is. If you’d like more information on the Reclaimed Wood Bed or to discuss sizing options, contact us today. [caption id="attachment_14679" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed Reclaimed Wood Platform Bedroom Set[/caption]