Rustic Red Cedar Log Bathroom Vanity: Benefits, Features, and More

Rustic Red Cedar Log Vanity
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Rustic Red Cedar Log Bathroom Vanity: Benefits, Features, and More

There is absolutely no substitute for rustic furniture and having a vintage-looking log bathroom vanity makes it even better! This piece of furniture is elegant and adds a subtle charm to your bathroom space.

So, if you've been looking for that perfect log bathroom vanity, consider buying Rustic Red Cedar Log Bathroom Vanity for your home. Moreover, if you're fond of double sink vanities, no product will do a better job than this one.

Rustic vanities have been a popular choice of many décor lovers, and this log vanity will add the perfect ambiance and aroma of rustic red cedar to your bathroom. It is made with aromatic/Eastern Red Cedar with a clear finish. You will enjoy gorgeous aesthetics every day if you purchase this product.

Not only this, it comes with a lot of benefits that are sure to blow your mind.

Rustic Vanity Design

If you are very particular about sink position vanity orientation, then you'll be happy to know that with this log bathroom vanity, you can choose a proper sink placement based on your needs. Whether you need an oval copper sink or an oval drop-in sink, this cedar log bathroom vanity caters to all your sink center vanities.

Additionally, it comes with standard and liquid glass vanity tops to give your bathroom the look of your dreams. So, based on the wall measurements, you can choose from multiple sizing options like from 24”- 72” and we can do custom sizes as well!

If you're hunting for more features in the design style, then here's one that you should know- it comes with optional tilt-out drawers with a storage bin below the sink. So, you don't even have to worry about your storage needs because this Rustic Red Cedar log bathroom vanity has you covered!

Impressive Functions

The stunning features of this bathroom vanity are never-ending. One of the biggest concerns of many people when purchasing a bathroom vanity is the lack of a splashes feature. This one has solid wood splashes included for every vanity that touches the wall.

Plus, it is also equipped with European-style hinges, and full extension drawer glides. You can place it snuggly between two walls by filling out the walls measurement field when purchasing it.

The best part about this bathroom vanity is that it is loaded with many benefits. Installing it in your bathroom would give you lifetime access to good-quality furniture and a lovely aroma filled with cedar wood.

Pick Your Layout

Since the options available for the sink are multiple, your sink can have multiple positions based on your preference. You can choose the vanity orientation and the position of the vessel sink, i.e., left, right, or center.

The vanities are made of a faux drawer, along with functional double doors and three functional drawers in the center.

This means that you will not fall short of storage space and can easily store all your bathroom essentials. Also, you have the freedom to select the orientation of the vanities.

For example, there are options like a free-standing wall, between the walls vanities, or adjacent to a wall and linen closet. Based on your bathroom layout, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.