Dining Furniture with An Edge

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Dining Furniture with An Edge

Even the most talented of chefs will struggle to make food the star of the show with one of our Modern Rustic Live Edge Dining Table as a centerpiece of a dining room furniture set! Thanks to the heady combination of sleek, contemporary supports and paired back natural elements. link to the rustic modern dining table

Classic design touches

When it comes to timeless rustic design features, nothing beats a kiln-dried slab of gorgeous natural wood, with the live edge preserved. What’s more, this iconic feature can be the focal point of any number of furniture styles! This includes a modern dining table, when partnered with the right legs. Our Modern Rustic Live Edge Dining Table is the best of both worlds – the classic live edge top that everybody loves and the modern legs that make the piece come together as a whole and stand out from the crowd. However, don’t go thinking that this is an off-the-peg option. We tailor everything to your exact specifications. link to the rustic dining table

Modern Rustic Dining Table, your way

At the start of the ordering process, we ask you to tell us what you want by offering a choice of black walnut or cherry for the tabletop. We can also create a book-matched black walnut top, for that seamless symmetry. That effortlessly elevates a contemporary dining table into the realms of designer chic. With your wood selected, The planks are then specifically cut and dried to order, in line with your size requirements! Then, our expert craftsmen expertly join them! Next, we finish it with a minimum of four coats of protective clear coat. Sealing in the tabletop’s beauty and amplifying the natural grain of the solid wood! This hand-finishing allows your table to be given the fully bespoke touch. This technique results in a unique piece of furniture crafted in between six and eight weeks. This includes the book-matched walnut dining table option. link to the modern rustic dining table

Standout touches

It can’t have escaped your notice that the legs on this table are something special as well. Rarely can the supports of a modern dining table rival a solid wood top. However, in this case they really do. Unfussy and linear metal supports, finished in black, have been designed to perfectly house a section of organic root each. Therefore, book-ending the table with eye-catching and one-off installations. No two tables will ever be identical, thanks to the natural variation in the materials being showcased. What’s really shocking is that this design can integrate itself into any home décor scheme. The beauty of the natural wood makes this an ideal addition to any rustic property. However, with such striking design touches, even minimalist homes will be perfectly placed to showcase this design. Available to order in custom sizes, for millimeter-perfect dining room design. We create the Modern Rustic Live Edge Dining Table with your upmarket home in mind. From cottages and lodges through to ranches and cabins. No wood-loving home is complete without one of these statement pieces as a timeless focal point.