Live Edge Furniture Overview

Woodland Creek takes pride in the work we do and the work of the craftsman we collaborate with.  We have been providing live edge furniture to clients all over the country for over 17 years.  It is Woodland Creek’s goal to offer the highest quality, most unique, custom furniture in the country with responsive customer service. 

We have been crafting live edge tables since we opened our doors in 1997.  We can provide tables with a large variance or a minimal variance.  Most of our clients choose a variance of 2”.  This allows for practical everyday use of the table.  At times, depending on the species of the wood, we may have to “create” the live edge if we do not have access to actual live edge wood.  This is usually only something we run into with Ash. Most of our tables with live edges, are shown in black walnut which can be offered in a plank style or book–match style.  The pricing does change and book-matching is not available for all species of wood that we offer.  

Main Image of Live Edge Tops

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What Is Live Edge Furniture?

The term “live edge” refers to the surface that is left when the bark of a tree is removed.  By removing the bark, a beautiful, natural edge is revealed. Only nature can create a truly natural edge.  Each is unique and different from the last. 

Some furniture shops will create a faux-live edge, but in our opinion, there is no comparison to natures ability to create beautiful lines and curves.  That’s why we only use the finest quality of woods that produce unparalleled natural edges.  As woodworkers, we often marvel at the material we use.  The color and figure in the wood, along with the swirling patterns of grain that wind around knots and other natural defects, are just a few of the characteristics we love.   We do not consider knots or voids to be unwelcome, but we will fill them with an amber tinted resin since most of our clients prefer an overall smooth top.  If you prefer a more rustic, natural look and feel, the knots and voids can be left unfilled.

Clear Fill in Walnut


Planked Tops

Planked dining tables are the more traditional style of tops Woodland Creek manufactures.  The planks of wood are placed so the grain alternates to make it more stable and have less chance of movement.  The nature of wood is for it to move. By placing the grain in alternating planks, this allows the wood to push against each other and help limit the movement.  

Live Edge Plank Tops

Book-Matched Tops 

Book-matched tables are a premium style of walnut top due to the slabs being harder to obtain.  There are two slabs of walnut in a book-matched top that mirror each other because they are cut from the same part of the same tree.  Book-matched slabs are not as stable due to the grain of the wood not being able to fight itself.  Only through proper kiln drying, storage of the wood, sanding and applying an equal amount of finish over the top, can we attempt to limit the movement of the wood.

Bookmatched Walnut Tops

Benefits of Planked VS Book-Matched

A planked top is beneficial because the alternating grain patterns will allow for more wood movement.  Book-matched tops do not have alternating grain therefore they will allow for less movement which may lead to eventual checking/cracking.

An additional benefit of a planked top is the variation in grains and coloring that occurs.  This gives the top a contrast that is unparalleled.  A book-match top will be almost identical in grain patterns and coloring since both pieces are cut from the same part, of the same tree.  Although, admittedly the beauty of two almost identical pieces cannot be denied.

Planked Vs Bookmatched Top

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