Farmhouse tables are made from real wood, not synthetics

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What kind of tables do you have in your home? There is the one you got at the garage sale down the street. It is light weight, cheap and you think you got a good deal; until the veneer began to pull away from the frame. How about the kitchen table, the salesman says it was made of real wood. What he did not mention was it is actually made out of particle board. That’s real wood, right? Our Farmhouse dining tables are truly real wood tables! Let’s get serious; you are finally at a time in your life where you can get quality products and not cheap imitations. This is the time to think about real wood. Woodland Creek rustic furniture is real wood. Not the used, glued and fused pieces that collapse when you put a casserole on it. Tables, chairs, beds and dressers made from the real McCoy.

Real Wood Farmhouse Tables can Handle Abuse!

The article of furniture that gets the most attention, use and abuse is the kitchen table. A real wood farmhouse table is the most basic and well built of kitchen tables. An authentic farmhouse table is made from real wood. It is not fashioned out of plastic that is made to look like wood or particle wood made to look like solid wood. We here at Woodland Creek do not make our tables out of any synthetics! These farmhouse tables are made to last not just your generation but, for generations to come. The next time you are out looking for furniture start asking the sales staff questions. If you don’t like high pressure sales or hovering sales people these questions and those like them will make them disappear; perhaps never to be seen again. ‘Is this real wood?’ ‘What type of synthetics is used to build this furniture?’ ‘If this table is real wood, why are you talking about a beautiful veneer finish?’ I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on furniture sales people but, if they know their products they will know real wood when they see it. Synthetic materials will try to fool you by looking like wood; however, they will not last as long as real wood. Furthermore, it certainly won’t look as good. Come see our farmhouse table collection at Woodland Creek. Once you have seen our real wood tables you won’t settle for anything else.
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