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Mixing old and new styles together is a delicate balancing act! One that requires both respect for the materials used and an eye for lasting style. We don’t want to brag; but, we have both in abundance! Which is how today’s fabulous dining table came into existence! Let's take a look at the Contemporary Rustic Plank Table!

A Contemporary Rustic Plank table that needs a closer lookLink to the Contemporary Rustic Plank Dining Table

We love creating furniture that makes you stop and take a second look and that's exactly what our contemporary rustic plank table does. At first glance, it could look like a simple and modern dining option. However, look again and you’ll find high-quality timber, beautiful live edges and all manner of other personalization choices. Don't be fooled by the relative simplicity of a solid wood table top with a fresh metal base. This is a dining table with a difference, so let’s take a closer look!

A sweeping solid wood table top

Given how timeless this design is we wanted to offer it in a vast array of sizes! Which is why you’ll find dimensions ranging from 5-10ft in length, increasing incrementally by 1ft; however, the number of sizes isn’t the really impressive part; we saved that for how many timber varieties you can choose between for your dining surface! With 9 to consider, ranging from simple smooth oak through to decadent bookmatched black walnut, we know we have the perfect choice for your home and we’ll finish the edge how you like as well. Are you a traditional chamfer person? Perhaps you prefer a modern flat edge? No…you’re a live edge kind of customer aren’t you? Either way, we can make your table look exactly as you want it to; complete with a finish of your choosing. We don't buy into the idea that wood is too beautiful to stain. You’re our customer and what you want comes first; so, once you’ve chosen your timber, you will be presented with a list of finish options that will complement and work with your top. Choose with confidence and we will do the rest!

Don’t forget your table base!

Usually so easy to forget about, your dining table base gets the luxe treatment with this design. The modern T base shape lends itself so well to some bling and helps to balance the huge expanse of natural wood on the top too. The only question is, what color do you want that base?  We can give you polished stainless steel, brushed gold or stoic black, all of which would look equally as beautiful in a rustic or contemporary home. You know that you’ll be enjoying free shipping, depending on your location, so maybe now’s the time to put that freightsaving to good use by choosing some coordinated dining chairs as well? What a treat to take delivery of a whole new dining suite for your home in one hit!
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