Barnwood Furniture: Old World Appeal for Modern Tastes

Rustic Barnwood Furniture
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Barnwood Furniture: Old World Appeal for Modern Tastes

People are always looking for something new and one of a kind to add to the beauty of their homes. We are always looking for the latest trends in interior design while maintaining the now popular and to be honest, necessary, environmentally friendly approach. This is probably why rustic barn wood furniture is making a big mainstream comeback. This kind of wood is ideal either for interior or even exterior design because aside from its exquisite and rustic feel, it is also a very sturdy material.

Barnwood furniture is truly and originally American. Although it was originally made by the first settlers out of necessity because of the scarcity of building materials, it is now being highly demanded because of its nostalgic beauty. It is connected with the old western styles associated with cowboys and ranchers.

Although originally this type of furniture is made from wood reclaimed from old barns, there are new products that are being made using new wood materials which are being treated to give them an old barn wood look. This is because there are not enough old barns to meet the demands.

Regardless of whether it is made from old or new wood, this type of furniture is usually created from oak, cedar or pine planks that have that old and worn look to them. It has a unique and classical look that is very attractive to homeowners with good taste. These kinds of wood are used to create different pieces of furniture from chairs, tables, cabinets, desks, and even office furniture. Furniture makers create different designs and products whether big or small that would cater to the needs and tastes of different people.

Barnwood furniture actually includes different styles. First there is the New England type which is composed of clean lines and simple designs indicative of the designs that the first settlers used. The Yankee type has very little or no extra designs other than the wood itself and is primarily utilitarian in its approach. The Texas type utilizes lines influenced by the ranch designs and complemented by animal products such as fur, cowhide or leather. Last but not least, the Montana style makes use of  hewn logs from barns.

This kind of furniture can be commonly seen either in its natural aged or worn finish or painted with colors usually used in farms such as red or yellow. The designs that are placed on them are usually nationalistic or a depiction of common farm life. The texture and look of the wood depends upon the type of tree from which it came as well as the natural conditions or the weather or climate in the environment it was extracted from.

It is ideal either for indoors or even outdoors. The Montana style in particular is perfect for the garden or the backyard because of the way it uses logs and branches. As for interior design, this kind of furniture can be a great accent to the indoor design of the house by adding them as small pieces such as mirrors, chairs and even barnwood picture frames.

Barn wood furniture can be made in different designs and may be created in accordance with the desired design theme. The prices would vary depending on the size, the type of wood as well as the design.