What Woods Smell Great For Wood Furniture?

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What Woods Smell Great For Wood Furniture?

Rustic wood furniture is attractive, but it can be even better when you have something made with a wood material that smells great. Many wood materials will produce scents when cut and exposed to air. Various acids inside the wood will break down to create these appealing sensations.

You can order wood furniture that features one of many pleasant-smelling wood materials. We proudly use these outstanding wood materials for various rustic furniture products we sell here at Woodland Creek Furniture. Each has a distinct scent that adds a brilliant tone you will enjoy while in your home.


Sandalwood is a popular wood material because it creates a strong scent with a buttery and milking tone. There is a slight sweetness in this wood that adds an aura to any space. Sandalwood’s scent has become popular to where it often appears in fragrances.


Cedarwood also appears in many furniture pieces for the home, plus it is frequently used in the production of cigar humidors. The heavy odor of cedar is immediately noticeable, as it provides a slightly cooling sensation. Cedar can smell like a gentle aftershave. The scent can also repel moths, making it ideal for cabinets.


Camphor is often used in rustic wood furniture products, although people mostly use this wood to extract essential oils for perfumes. There is a spicy and herbal tone to the camphor scent, plus it offers a relaxing sensation. The scent is great for people looking for something more relaxing in their furniture without being too overwhelming.


Rosewood produces a rose-like scent, as the name suggests. You will notice some citrus accents, with grapefruit being the most notable. The scent tends to fade after a few years, but that is true about most other woods. Our Rustic Meets Modern Coffee Table provides a great rosewood bod that smells appealing.

Birch Wood

The sweet scent of birch wood makes it another attractive choice for your furniture. Birch has an amber tone that feels deep and appealing to the senses. It doesn’t feel too intense, so it won’t take up much of the room and bother anyone there.

Cherry Wood

You will notice a slight cherry scent in cherry wood, but that isn’t the most prominent point you’ll find in this wood. Cherry wood provides a woodsy tone with a slight bit of sweetness. This unique scent is why cherry wood often works in meat-smoking pits. The dark tone of cherry wood like in this five-drawer chest also adds a good touch.


The last of the best woods to use is pine, a wood with a distinct and dense scent. The scent produces a deep wooden tone with a slight citrus accent. The scent is more noticeable after the tree’s needles are trimmed off its body. The tone becomes weaker after a while, although it will never get too intense to where it might distract everyone in the room.

Which Is Right For You?

Everyone will respond differently to various kinds of wood, with some people noticing certain scents more than others. Be sure you consider what wood your furniture is made with and what scents it might produce to help you figure out what choice is right for you. You can contact us at Woodland Creek Furniture for help finding a quality style that fits your needs.