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What Are the Most Common Wood Stain Colors?

Finish Options for Rustic Furniture
2022-12-02 17:44:00 19 view(s)

What Are the Most Common Wood Stain Colors?

You can stain your rustic wood furniture in many ways with various finishes. A quality finish can create a natural look for your wood furniture.

You’ve got a thorough assortment of wood stain colors to choose from when finding something that fits your style. Here are a few of the more popular ones you’ll find today. These include many you can find here at Woodland Creek Furniture. You can request a sample from us to see how one of these finishes will look today.


Redwood takes its name from its distinct red-like tone. The wood provides red and orange accents alike. The deep tone adds an excellent touch to any room, plus it can work for a rustic style. The dark style also supports a good shine when prepared well.


An ebony finish produces a dark tone with a black or dark brown design. Ebony provides a deeper style, plus it can mix with white colors. A mix of black and white tones with an ebony finish can create a modern look in any room. You can also add multiple coatings to create a more appealing shine to the surface, giving it some light.


You can also choose a mocha stain if you want something dark without going all the way to ebony. A mocha stain has a dark brown color that allows a bit of shine without looking too intense.


A gray finish provides a peaceful look that is fair while having a modern style. You can find a gray finish in a traditional or distressed style.


The Jacobean stain style features a slightly darker tone than mocha. You will notice a few golden hues that add a more subtle look to the stain without creating an unusual form.


You can also go in the opposite direction and choose a honey finish. This style has a yellowish tone that is lighter and fits in with other like-colored items around your home. The design is useful for darker rooms where you need something that looks a little brighter.


A barnwood style can come in many colors, but it will always have the same rustic appearance. You can create a yellow, brown, or silver Barnwood finish with a slightly worn style. The finish creates a muted look that makes the wood look like it was from another source. The weathered style is perfect for people looking to create a more rustic appearance in a room. You can get this style on a rustic bed frame, or you can stick with a functional item like a rustic vanity.


Not all finishes have to feature some color. You can create a clear finish on your furniture if you prefer. A clear finish produces a secure coat that goes over the wood while creating a barrier that keeps water and other items from entering. The clean design also preserves the wood’s natural color, which is helpful for people looking for something more refined or attractive.

Which Color Should You Choose?

You can stick with whatever wood stain color you prefer, but be sure you find something that fits in with your other furniture pieces and surroundings in a room. The best color is the one that fits your space well. Our team at Woodland Creek can help you find a suitable stain that fits your furniture needs.