Surprising rooms where rustic interior design works

Certain rooms within a home seem to just naturally work well with a rustic theme, don’t you think? Kitchens are a given, of course, as are bedrooms, but what about some of the more eyebrow-raising spaces? Well, we happen to think any room can be a rustic haven if you choose the right furniture; However, let us persuade you if you are yet to agree. Rustic home interior design works in many rooms! 

Home office with Rustic Home Interior Design!Link to a solid wood desk

Yes, we are going straight for the jugular here; because, so many people don’t seem to appreciate what potential a home office has to accept a healthy dose of rustic flair. The secret to productivity is a non-distracting zone that feels comfortable, not too cozy, functional; but also pleasant to be around. Well if that’s not the long way of saying a solid wood desk and some gorgeous bookshelves, we don’t know what is. A tactile desk with ergonomics and usability built in makes for a fantastic office centerpiece and we should know; we’re typing on one right now!


We always forget that wood and water never used to be thought of as a good mix; However, these days, rustic bathrooms are the last word in considered home design. We love using our stripped northern white cedar to great effect! We use it in all sizes and shapes of bathing spots and add in a hand carved stone sink too? Now you’re really taking our language. 

Boot room

Brits love a boot room and we like the way they think. Having a dedicated room for coats, outdoor shoes and muddy dogs is a great idea! Furthermore, if you can inject some rustic style too; it will be so much better. Big sideboards, benches for getting Wellington boots on and off and pared back coat hooks all look great in a more rustic and unfussy aesthetic; especially if it reduces likelihood of installing pristine white cabinets. Don’t forget that dogs like to shake themselves dry!

Child’s bedroom with Rustic Home Interior Designlink to a rustic bunk bed for rustic home interior design

Master suites are great with log beds, but what about your younger residents’ private spheres? We think rustic bunk beds make a good kids' room into a great kids’ room and you can rest easy that a solid wood frame won’t collapse under the weight of rambunctious play. If you have one child, bunk beds allow for easy sleepovers! Furthermore, you might even be allowed to add a matching chest of drawers, to help keep it clean and tidy.

Artist studio

We know that not everyone has a studio at home but for those of you that do, making it rustic is nothing short of common sense. It’s been proven that a connection to nature and the natural world inspires creativity, alleviates stress and allows you to ground yourself in more organic thought processes, all of which sounds like the best frame of mind for artistic expression. Try using rustic shelving for your supplies, live edge tables for working on and even wooden stools to sit on while you create. Just being in contact with wood could unlock new levels of your imagination.

Of course, we think rustic design looks good and works absolutely everywhere; but, hopefully you have opened your mind to a few new possibilities too

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