Rustic Bedroom Furniture for Your Home

Why is our rustic bedroom furniture the best fit for you?

If you have ever meandered through the seemingly endless walkways of big box bedroom furniture retailers, you might have started to notice a very particular pattern. Aside from color schemes and design tweaks, there is not really all that much variety. Also, you might notice that the floor models are wearing down from the limited use of other passersby, who wanted to test run the furniture before they bought it. One feature that might stand out because of this is that there is a consistent lack of durability and quality. It just doesn’t seem like these types of retailers are offering quality and comfort over simplified and generic standards of production.

That is where we draw the line, and where you will find the answer to that question! Rustic bedroom furniture from Woodland Creek Furniture is the best fit for you because it is the answer to all those other issues, and it tops it off with its unique and elegant look and feel to boot!

Our rustic bedroom furniture is made from reclaimed barnwood, farmhouse wood, logs, and other sorts of reclaimed wood, which we source from local areas. The wood we use is typically over 100 years old, giving it a sense of antiquity and history unmatched by other department store catalogs. With our professional craftsmen quality work, we can create rustic bedroom furniture that will not only outlast the alternatives but outshine them as well. With a wide variety of rustic bedroom furniture options throughout our two giant showrooms, the toughest decision to make after having this question answered will be choosing which one is the right fit for your bedroom!

Woodland Creek Furniture is Traverse City, Michigan’s premier producer of fine rustic bedroom furniture. People from around the state, country, and the world have visited us and made the decision to furnish their homes with these natural and elegant pieces. We proudly invite you to stop on by and see for yourself!

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