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Furniture That Means Business

link to the rustic barnwood desk Just because a piece of furniture has a designated serious use. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful and an investment item. We firmly believe that installing gorgeous pieces in your office can have an amazing effect on how productive you want to be, which is why our rustic Barnwood Desk is such a superb addition to any work space.

A Rustic Barnwood Desk you want to sit at

Not all desks are created equal and they certainly don’t all inspire you to pull up a chair and commit to a full day at them, but then not everybody can combine elegant style and functionality the way we can. There’s no point in skirting around the issue or being falsely modest, as our reclaimed rustic barnwood desk speaks for itself in terms of beauty and practicality! So you would know that we were being too modest. Made from salvaged solid wood, each of our barnyard desk comes laden with heritage already. Every nuance, mark and age spot tells a story of the life the wood had previously! What a joy to be able to re-purpose such beautiful materials, turning them into something so essential. There’s no doubting that every time you sit at one of these desks. You will be overcome with a sense of purpose and determination.

Make it work for you

I you’re worried that the nature of the material being used means that you can’t customize your design, think again. We build every one of our reclaimed wood executive desk to order, taking between four and six weeks. Which means that you can change up a couple of elements, if you think you need to. As standard, the desk comes with antique drawer knobs, but you can opt for wooden ones. You can also add a sliding keyboard platform! Which, when not in use, simply stows away elegantly under the desktop, out of sight. This allows you to keep your surface clear and ready to work on! It also helps to keep the rustic vibe authentic. Though listed as a standard size, you are more than welcome to contact us in order to discuss a fully personalized version, of any size.

Designing your workspace made easy

We pride ourselves on our customer service standards. Which is why you should find the ordering process not only easy, but also a pleasure. If you need to discuss something custom, we are always at the end of the phone or ready to reply to an email and once your salvaged wood desk design has been finalised, we will ship it to you for free, within the USA. We love our work and we want you to know that same feeling of contentment and excitement that we start each and every workday with. If all it takes is choosing the right desk for your office, then we would be delighted to help you achieve workplace bliss by building you the perfect barnwood desk. Just remember that you’ll have to actually do some work on it when it arrives, not just sit and stare!  
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