Pretty as a Picture

Barn wood Dining Table
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Pretty as a Picture

Today my husband and I attended a very large local arts and crafts fair. We were amazed at how many vendors were there to sell their goods. Even my husband, who normally avoids having to go with me to those types of venues, enjoyed the selection and assortment of products and services offered.

Since he was nice enough to have made the effort to be there with me, I bought him a root beer while we were there. I was my token gift to express my appreciation for his being there with me, and also in the hope of perhaps dragging him out to similar events in the future. He also enjoyed a magic show while we were there. His eyes shone like those of a small child as he watched the magician perform numerous tricks for the children who gathered.

Imagine my surprise when I asked him what had drawn his attention most of everything we had seen and experienced at the show. At one of the booths, a local photographer was selling pictures that he had taken of scenes across Georgia and surrounding states. The picture that caught my husband’s eye the most…as well as mine…was of an old store situated with a porch spanning its front side and a white picket fence in the foreground. That picture showed so much personality and character. When looking at it, one can try to fathom the stories that were spun in that old store. Perhaps a small child from the neighborhood had purchased root beer from a tank inside. Or a visiting woman had found the material she had been searching for. Perhaps local families would make the trip to the small store to pick up essentials on a weekly basis. It is hard to tell who could have visited that store over the years.

The rustic barnwood furniture that Log Furniture Place sells can tell similar stories. Even though it is not in its original form, the wood that makes up reclaimed furniture still has many stories to tell. Throughout the years of its useful life, the timber of a barn must withstand numerous events, like severe weather or maybe a family reunion. Wouldn’t it be great if your barnwood bed could infuse your dreams with all of its wonderful stories? It would be entertainment that could last for years. The images that wood could provide in your dreams might be just as pretty as the picture that caught my husband’s eye today.