Wow-factor walnut for your living room

2021-07-09 15:44:23 15 view(s)

Wow-factor walnut for your living room

Were on a mission to prove that we aren;t a one-trick pony here at Woodland Creek Furniture. Yes, we always create exciting, beautiful solid wood furniture, but we often veer towards a rustic or traditional style. That’s all about to change though, as we showcase our stunning Modern Natural Asian Walnut Coffee Table.

A Simple Modern Walnut Coffee Table!

We’ve kept the design simple but bold here, working with stark contrasts and defined shapes! Shapes that come together to create a contemporary vibe that is impossible to ignore. Let’s dive in and look at the details. First, we have the black base. Understated and easy to camouflage, it performs how you want it to without disrupting the rest of the table. Then we come to the top. Continuing on from the black base, the legs sweep up and over the apex of the surface to create an incredible cross motif that is interspersed with chunky natural walnut pieces and honestly? We are a little obsessed with the overall to the modern asian walnut coffee table We wanted to create a rectangular table to maximize storage and surface area potential; even in a small piece of furniture! However, we had the foresight to offer two widths as well. Whether you need a 48” or 60” version, the finish will be exactly the same; as will the 19” height that makes for a perfect living room addition. Essentially, this will be a low profile, silky smooth centerpiece that catches the eye; or, melts into the background as much as you like.

Practicality with your Coffee Table

Now, let’s talk about some practical issues. Firstly, we implore you to use appropriate coasters on this piece. Though we finish with a protective clear coat. Drinks, both hot and cold, can leave marks on beautiful Asian walnut and prevention is always better and easier than cure. Gentle regular cleaning and polishing is recommended and no shoes people! Save the feet-up seating position for the flatpack pieces, as this deserves a lot more respect and care. We do know it’s just a coffee table; however, it’s an investment piece and something you’ll love for years, so let’s be kind to it. That being said, Asian walnut is a great hardwood that is naturally resistant to marking! So, you don’t need to worry beyond measure! In a bid to make your decision to treat yourself even easier (who can actually say no to a table like this?); we’ve also included free shipping! If you live in the contiguous 48 states, we will organize reliable and safe logistics for you. So that, we can deliver your new coffee table curbside in perfect condition. No need to buy two or more items here and we should be ready to ship within two weeks of your confirmed order, even if you choose to finance through our transparent partner, Bread. Coffee tables don’t need to be purely perfunctory or a compromise in terms of aesthetics either! So, come over to the modern side with us and see if we could disrupt your interior scheme a little with this style.