Life is Phenomenal!

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Life is Phenomenal!

There is a very popular line of clothing and accessories that are all patterned around what folks consider makes their life better. Some shirts sport figurines of a person hiking, or a guy with his dog, or a gal riding a bicycle. Accessories are available to outfit your canine companion with figures of what makes his or her life good, which seems a little ridiculous if you think about it. Aren’t dogs happy pretty much 98% of the time? You can also purchase a tire cover that portrays to drivers behind you that you are in a really good place when you’re cruising in your vehicle. Heck, they even make socks with their premise of a better life.

All of these items give others an inclination as to what makes your life good. But why stop there? What makes your life great? Outstanding? Phenomenal? Each of us would undoubtedly answer those questions differently. Some extremely lucky individuals may be living their best life right now. Others may be working their way towards realizing their dream life. And still others may presently be in a rough patch and have a very difficult time envisioning what would make their life phenomenal. I do challenge you to close your eyes, put aside all of the problems and hurdles that are in your life, and imagine your perfect day, your perfect life. It will put you in a happy place and perhaps even give you some ideas about what you can do to move towards that phenomenal life.

When I sit quietly to reflect on this exercise, I find that my life is pretty darn good right now. It is not phenomenal, but I can honestly say it’s great. Every night I fall asleep beside my husband in a comfortable barnwood bed, every morning I wake up and enjoy a hearty breakfast at the rustic dining room table, and every evening we sit as a family in the living room to relax and enjoy entertainment from our television set. Very soon our routine will change dramatically as we welcome a baby into our family, but we will still have a roof over our heads and the love that fills our home. That baby will undoubtedly enrich our lives tremendously and help to move our life barometers from “great” towards “phenomenal”.

So, go ahead and wear your shirts that declare what makes your life better. But take a good look inside and determine what it is that you can do to make your life phenomenal. If you’re extremely lucky, you are already there. The rest of us can make a plan for how to get there. Maybe you can even indulge your friends and family in a conversation on their own plans and bounce ideas off each other. Whatever you do, create a plan and put it into action soon!