The Perfect Accompaniment

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The Perfect Accompaniment

ining tables are great but they have stolen the show for long enough; and now, it’s time for dining chairs to get their time in the spotlight. Once toe afterthought of a new dining suite, perfectly comfortable, stylish and lasting  leather dining chair is a must. Let us show you the fabulous design we have today.

Simplicity rules

We aren’t afraid of a little fancy design and you all know that when it comes to dining room furniture. We create some of the most beautiful tables around, but what about chairs? Well, given howLink to the Hawthorne Leather Dining Chair dramatic so many of our table designs are, we wanted to come up with a simple chair style that could be used in more than one style of space, which is how our Hawthorne leather dining chair came to be.  At first glance, these chairs could look understated to the point of totally neutral. However, in reality, a lot of considered design and craftsmanship has gone into them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the details.

A Buttery soft leather dining chair

What’s the biggest problem with most dining chairs? That they aren’t comfortable enough for extended periods of use and that’s not exactly helpful; when you think about holiday gatherings, dinner parties and the like. That’s why we chose the softest, most sumptuous leather for our upholstery! Furthermore, you can choose from three deliciously neutral yet still impactful color choices too! These choices  include: soft beige, traditional tan and chocolate brown. We take care to not only cover your chair frame, but them add an extra layer of padding. All of it is encased in your choice of leather, with a stylish overhang at the top. Which guarantees no uncomfortable pressure points or forgotten edges and with detailed stitching; we know you’ll love the look as much as the feel.

Understated metal bases

As a do-all dining chair, we made sure to create a simple yet very secure base. One that we make from a simple metal frame that can be left silver or colored black. Sitting at 19” high, the chairs will work with any regular height table and can be reupholstered at any point, to last even longer. Tastes may change but a stylish metal base is forever and can always be adapted to blend with new decor; so if nothing else, what a fantastically sustainable choice! If you order 4+ chairs or fewer with a dining table, we are delighted to ship for free, within the contiguous US states and as always, if you have a bespoke idea that you’re dying to talk about, please do get in touch today.
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