Let the right bed in

2021-10-22 14:31:32 40 view(s)

Let the right bed in

We’re no strangers to creating some of the most eye-catching beds around! There’s no doubt that we enjoy the challenge of balancing dark, rustic aesthetics with soft, comforting vibes; to create harmonious designs that nobody else can match. Today’s showcase is no exception… let's show you our Dakota Log Bed! 

Beauty and the beast

We had a real task on our hands here as we wanted to come up with a pretty, not over the top decorative bed frame design! A design that also had a little darkness and ruggedness to it. With ideas of curved headboards and logs flying around the workshop, we finally landed on the ultimate combination of rustic hickory logs and smooth arches and the Dakota log bed was born. We used hickory for a number of reasons, not least because it is so strong and doesn't require overly chunky pieces to be robust. It’s also got a fantastically dark bark and smells great. All combined, what an incredible material for a master bedroom centerpiece, don’t you agree? We know the look here is strong, eye-catching and a little ominous. Which is why the gentle curve of the headboard has been added; to increase the softness, without losing any of the rustic charm and with the simple linear footboard! We think it works so well. It’s exciting to look at but also comforting and that’s exactly what we were going for.Link to the dakota log bed

Built to last

We offer this stylish bed as a twin, double, queen or king and ask for between 11-13 weeks to make it to order. Of course, we ship for free within the contiguous 48 states and when you receive your expertly-packed shipment; you’ll find your full wooden frame, side support rails and mattress support slats inside! All ready to assemble and enjoy a good night’s sleep on. Don't be alarmed by pieces of bark, as it is deliberately left on your hickory logs here; to give you a tactile and multi-sensory rustic experience. Furthermore,  we ship with a full years warranty, to make sure that first night’s sleep is even more blissful. 

Finishing touches

It’s not for us to choose your bed linens for you; however, a high quality thread count cotton set certainly wouldn't go amiss here! Especially in some earth tones to pick out the dark hickory even more. That being said, you might like to look at potential bedside cabinets, to really bring the rustic bedroom theme to life. Either way, this is a bed that WILL steal the show; so be prepared to find other design touches in your bedroom significantly overshadowed. But hey, that’s what you’re investing in, right? Something extra special that you’ll love, use and show off about for years?