Creative Coffee Table Design Ideas

By Bryn Huntpalmer

While a boring coffee table may be no more than a drink holder in your guests’ eyes, an interesting and well-styled one can be the most important piece in your sitting area and true a conversation starter. Your coffee table affects how you entertain--conversations hover above it while appetizers and literature sit on it--so why not choose a unique coffee table that makes a statement? Here are several beautiful coffee tables that will transform your living room.

Via Woodland Creek

This asymmetrical Live Edge Burl Wood Coffee Table is a true icebreaker. The slab is carved out of natural tree trunks, which means no two are ever identical. The trees used to make these pieces have been infected with the burl virus, which means they have to be uprooted and moved in order to not affect the trees around them--but it also means they have a unique, beautiful grain pattern that appeals to furniture designers and collectors all over the world. This slab can be used as a rustic piece or, with a metal base, can be the perfect addition to a contemporary or transitional home.

Via Woodland Creek

If rustic isn’t really your style, this Casual Modern Cocktail Table will give a sleek retro look while still incorporating natural elements like reclaimed wood and natural wood grain. This unique coffee table is versatile enough for just about any decor style and can be finished in other colors to suit your home. Whether your home decor is rustic, eclectic, romantic or contemporary, this piece will contribute natural beauty to your design.

Coastal Coffee Table with Wrought Iron Base

Via Woodland Creek

The Modern Organic Coffee table features a slab that is a vivid mosaic of handcrafted woods including burl, black walnut, ash, redwood, and maple. Like the Burl Coffee Table, there are no two identical pieces. This coffee table mixes the most interesting aspects of rustic and modern design, but don’t get stuck on one look: it can be crafted into an oval, circle, rectangle, or square table to fit in with your space and decor.

Via Woodland Creek

Both sophisticated and rustic, the Double Live Edge Slab Antler Coffee Table is crafted from natural wood and real elk antlers. The wooden slabs can be made from redwood, black walnut, burl wood, maple, cherry, or oak--any color will add elegant rustic character to your sitting area.

Coffee Table Western

Via Woodland Creek

Crafted from vintage reclaimed and repurposed barnwood, the beautifully grooved Barnwood Coffee Table evokes the old days. The salvaged wood dates back 100 to 150 years. The long, steady weathering process of barn wood gives it character than modern techniques cannot replicate. The hammered iron base adds an industrial touch, but if you really want a piece reminiscent of the old west, opt for the mesquite slab with turquoise inlays that will be perfect for your rustic cabin, western ranch or lake house.

I found over 150 unique coffee table designs at Woodland Creek – quite possibly the largest collection of customizable coffee tables available on the web.  I was surprised to learn that many of the designs were made right here in America from repurposed woods.  If you are looking for a creative coffee table, they have a wide selection.

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