Create a Contemporary Office With a Live Edge Desk

Rustic Live Edge Contemporary Desk
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Create a Contemporary Office With a Live Edge Desk

When creating a modern office design with rustic wood, one of the most important things to consider is the wood design. The Live Edge Desk is a beautiful piece made with reclaimed hardwood from northern Michigan. The desk has a metal base on one side to add a modern touch, a feature that makes it unique. It also comes in a variety of sizes, choices of material, style, and finishes to best suit your needs. Find out how you can play around with the features of the Live Edge Desk to create your modern office design.

Choose the Right Size for the Live Edge Desk

The first step in creating a contemporary office design using the Live Edge Desk is choosing the correct size. The right size is the one that is proportional to the room and other furniture in the office. The Live Edge Desk comes in three sizes; 60", 66", and 72".

Before placing your order, compare the size of the desk with other furniture in your office to ensure they go well together. Failure to do this may cause an imbalance in the room and ruin your plan of creating a contemporary office design for yourself or your staff.

Pick Wood Material That Complements Your Office

The Live Edge Desk comes in blasted Alder and black Walnut materials. The contemporary style of this piece of furniture borrows a lot from clean aesthetics and minimalistic designs. In short, it rewards sophistication rather than clutter. When you match the wood material with the rest of the furniture and colors in your office, it gives flow to your office and creates a sophisticated look. 

Match the Finish to the Colors and Design of the Office

The Live Edge Desk comes in several wood and base metal finishes. For the wood finishes, it is essential to consider the color and feel of the room and other furnishings that make up the office. 

Brown finishes generally go well with warm wall shades and dark or gray finishes with neutral and cool room paint colors. In terms of furnishings, match the finishes to create harmony in the room and give it a modern feel. 

As for the base finish of the metal base, match it with the accessories in the room. 

The base finish comes in two shades:

  • The Brushed Gold Stainless finish goes well with gold and warm-toned office accessories.
  • The Polished Stainless finish, on the other hand, goes well with clear, silver, or cold-toned accessories.


The Live Edge Desk comes in different varieties to suit the style of almost any office. If you are looking for a desk that creates a contemporary look in the office, then the Live Edge Desk is something you might want to consider. 

Invest in the unique Live Edge Rustic Desk to create a modern look in your office. Buy from our online store and enjoy a flexible payment plan.