Comfortable and Stylish Cabin Furniture

A piece of Rustic Cabin Furniture

The essential beauty of the cabin is living is a small space. The furniture is compact with multiple uses. Twin beds can be used as sofas.  Rustic end tables can be used as stools.  The dining table is used to have dinner! However, it also is a work table, a baking table, or a table for cards and puzzles. Let’s looks at some of the choices in multi-functional and versatile cabin furniture.

Types of Cabin Furniture!

Futons are an oriental invention where living spaces have always been small. They serve both purposes sitting and sleeping. Futons are comfortable and attractive additions to the cabin lifestyle.  Rustic futons are made from pine, hickory, aspen, white cedar or reclaimed hardwoods that feature weathered and natural look.  Made is sizes of twin, full or queen they fit in to most cabin spaces.

As you shop for a futon keep in mind that 80% of a futon is the mattress.  The mattress is where you sit and sleep. Thin Spartan padding makes up many less expensive futons. This padding looks good in the showroom. However, it will shrink with a few months use. Here at Woodland Creek, we make our futons with over stuffed mattresses that stand up to years of service.

Frames for futons are designed to match the cabin design.  Rustic hickory is used for cabins in the woods. White cedar and pine goes well for cottages in the conifers.  Reclaimed hardwood goes well for ranch cabins on the plains.  Aspen accents the mountain cabin. Chrome metal or flat industrial fittings accent the urban cottage.

The mattress cover conveys the design attitude of your dwelling.  There are hundreds of choices available.  Here at Woodland Creek, we accentuate the rustic but also work with contemporary themes.  Take photos of your cabin and show us your rooms where the futon will be.  This will help you see how the cover design matches your cabin.  Many of our futons come with coordinated pillows.

Make Sure the Quality Is High:

We deeply enjoy selling American made futons made in Wisconsin at Woodland Creek;  consequently, the cost is a little higher than those made overseas! However, the quality is outstanding. American quality in a futon that serves you day and night.  A futon can easily coordinate to match to your cabin or cottage scheme.  Bring your ideas to Woodland Creek and we will design a futon the matches you hide away space.

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