Barn Wood Doors Bring Rustic Modern to Your Homes Transitions

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Behind the Gray Barn Wood Door

A transition is made of one single step from one room to the next.  The door that opens…the door that closes…the closed door for solitude…the open door for welcome.  A closed door elicits curiosity.  What is on the other side? At Woodland Creek we feel that the doors between rooms are essential to your home design. I’ve always loved sliding doors.  They slide on a track from left to right or from right to left.  When open they become wall décor. When closed they add to the rustic room design.  An open door creates a new experience as you transcend from room to room.  We finish this ash door in Urban Graphite.  Shades of gray is the hot color in interior design.  Graphite matches most colors.

Happiness can Sneak in Through our Barn wood Doors

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open.” All of our interior barnwood style doors are made of solid woods like alder, ash, aspen, walnut or maple. Our rustic barn wood finish is popular choice for many of our customers; because, it has deep brown and honey tones giving a warm rustic charm.  We make and manufacture most of our barn wood doors right here in the USA (Michigan). This barn wood design features four constructs: three horizontal boards, Z design or X design or the split M design. We can finish our barn wood doors in a variety of colors and make them in any size needed.  We use either solid knotty alder or ash to craft our beautiful barn wood doors; however, if you have another preferred wood species – let’s discuss it. Barn wood doors can also be painted in any of twelve colors or for a minor upgrade any color that Benjamin Moore makes. Our barn wood doors are very popular as they add rustic charm to any room. “When one door closes, another one opens.”

Enthralled by our Beautiful Design!

Are you enthralled with the spirit and feel of modern-day design?  Our sliding contemporary door accents the clean sparse design of Modern décor.  Note the stainless steel tracking. A modern design sliding door opens the possibilities for original projects. Add a window, a spy glass lenses, inlays, metal accents, or multi colors.  Sliding doors can become a portrait for holding photos, cork for lists, or black board and chalk for notes.  Imagine…design…create. Sliding doors done in white wash or cappuccino flatter cottage designed doorways.  Let us know what size door you would like.  With sliding doors you can make the entry way any size you like.  Double doors allow the entry way to be large enough to make two small room into one large room.   Cottage doors allow you to be whimsical and fun.  Our gray driftwood stain adds a wonderful touch. Pieces of drift wood can be used as outside door handles. I’ve seen cottage doors trimmed in fishing lures, hand nets and other fish stuff.  Great fun! It’s time to be creative with your doors! Give us a call with your ideas.  Our craftsman are very creative and enjoy make unique new projects.  Open the door to a new design!
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