All About Faux Barnwood and Why It’s a Hit

Faux Barnwood Rustic Furniture
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All About Faux Barnwood and Why It’s a Hit

Faux barnwood is a type of rustic furniture where the wood has a look and finish that gives off a reclaimed look. The design creates a rustic appearance that looks like the wood comes from an old barn or another former farm building. This material is created by using a staining material with a glaze or with iron acetate and vinegar to create a darker color.

Faux barnwood is an appealing style that adds a nice character to your furniture. It is no surprise faux barnwood has become a popular choice for wood furniture. We’ve got a full array of faux barnwood products here at Woodland Creek Furniture. Looking for a rustic buffet and hutch with built in wine rack? We can help you with something exciting. Or you can stick with a small pool cue rack. Faux barnwood is an incredibly versatile wood style.

But what makes faux barnwood so popular? Here are a few reasons why we offer this solution for your wood needs.

A Rustic Charm

The rustic style of faux barnwood is a notable part of this style. The darker tone of faux barnwood and its unique aged appearance creates a historic look that makes a spot feel more like you’re at home.

The barnwood-like style will feature multiple accents that add a naturally weathered look. These features include noticeable streaks and lines, visible knothole effects, and a few light spots. These details create a look that could tell stories of events from long ago.

The Color Blends Well With All Wood Items

The darker tone of faux barnwood blends well with modern home styles. You can pair your barnwood with other pieces of rustic wood furniture, including ones with darker and lighter tones alike. Some metallic accents like nail ends or toppers can also appear on the piece to add a more detailed appearance.

Stronger Than Reclaimed Wood

Faux barnwood also helps people attain a classic appearance without buying reclaimed wood. As appealing as it is to find reclaimed wood materials, some reclaimed items might not be stable. They might feature weak bodies or be more susceptible to stains, insects, and dust.

The weakened design of reclaimed wood makes it harder for you to install it in some spots without risking further damage. Faux barnwood provides the older style without risking problems with how well the wood feels or how you can install it somewhere.

It Looks Great Indoors and Outdoors

There’s no limit to what parts of the house you can use faux barnwood. You can add a barnwood material to any room in your home, including in the kitchen or living room. A small nightstand can fit in many rooms, for example.

Meanwhile, barnwood can go outside the home for patio furniture or as an outdoor wall near your patio. A rustic-style sofa could work outdoors or indoors, for instance.

Is Faux Barnwood Right For You?

Faux barnwood is a versatile option when looking for something for your furniture needs. This material’s appealing design and ability to work in many places make it a suitable choice for your home. Be sure to see how well this option can work when finding something attractive for your home furniture needs.