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A wonderful walnut live edge bed

2021-07-06 17:21:51 17 view(s)

A wonderful walnut live edge bed

If you think that upstaging a piece of black walnut live edge bed would be tough, you’re right. That doesn't mean that it can’t be even further accentuated, accessorized and perfected though. Prepare to fall in love with the heady combination of silky smooth wood with buttery leather or textural linen; as we introduce you to the last bed you’ll ever want to treat yourself too.

The right walnut live edge bed for your home!

The right bed makes all the difference. It honestly can’t be over exaggerated! What a huge impact a gorgeous, comfortable and sturdy bed has on the quality of life for those sleeping on it. Think back to when you’ve had some lackluster bedroom furniture; and, you’ll probably remember creaking frames keeping you awake, lazy finishes ruining your carefully implemented aesthetic and bad construction necessitating regular replacement. None of that will have added up to the best and most restorative sleep of your life; but, that’s what we want to offer you. Our Upholstered Live Edge Panel Bed is, in our opinion, a masterclass in combining ergonomics with aesthetics and excellent value for money. Let’s dive in and take a look at what makes it so special, to see if you agree with us.Link to the walnut upholstered bed First of all, you can’t snooze on that live edge detailing. Shapely head and foot boards give a fluidity and languid tranquility to the overall design; and, lock into the sturdy frame with ease. The strength is undeniably tough but the finished look has a defined softness and tactile quality. That is hard to achieve in something as dramatic as black walnut, but our artisans have managed. Playing on the warmth of the material, we wanted to inject an extra layer of gentle design. So, you can choose between soft brown leather or natural cream linen for your upholstered headboard panel. Contrasting and yet complementing the natural wood frame so well, this textural variation helps to define the duality of what makes a bed truly great; in that it’s soft and strong all at once. It’s also terrifically customizable.

Beautifully upholstered bed!

As well as choosing your upholstery preference, you can also pick between a modest queen or spacious king sized frame. Which gives you an extra 16” of stretch-out space. There’s no chemical finishes to worry about and if you want to switch up your whole bedroom to match, we have a range of beautiful black walnut furniture items that will seamlessly finish the look. Given the special nature of this bed, we ask for up to 10 weeks to complete your build, as everything is made to order. When you buy a piece of furniture from Woodland Creek; you are buying something specifically built just for you! So, now is the time to think about if there are any extra little touches you know you’d like included. Custom comes as standard for us, because your delight is our driving force. That’s also why we ship for free, within the mainland USA. Your best night’s sleep is just a click away.