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  • Let the right bed in

    We’re no strangers to creating some of the most eye-catching beds around! There’s no doubt that we enjoy the challenge of balancing dark, rustic aesthetics with soft, comforting vibes; to create harmonious designs that nobody else can match. Today’s showcase is no exception… let's show you our Dakota Log Bed! 

    Beauty and the beast

    We had a real task on our hands here as we wanted to come up with a pretty, not over the top decorative bed frame design! A design that also had a little darkness and ruggedness to it. With ideas of curved headboards and logs flying around the workshop, we finally landed on the ultimate combination of rustic hickory logs and smooth arches and the Dakota log bed was born.

    We used hickory for a number of reasons, not least because it is so strong and doesn't require overly chunky pieces to be robust. It’s also got a fantastically dark bark and smells great. All combined, what an incredible material for a master bedroom centerpiece, don’t you agree? We know the look here is strong, eye-catching and a little ominous. Which is why the gentle curve of the headboard has been added; to increase the softness, without losing any of the rustic charm and with the simple linear footboard! We think it works so well. It’s exciting to look at but also comforting and that’s exactly what we were going for.Link to the dakota log bed

    Built to last

    We offer this stylish bed as a twin, double, queen or king and ask for between 11-13 weeks to make it to order. Of course, we ship for free within the contiguous 48 states and when you receive your expertly-packed shipment; you’ll find your full wooden frame, side support rails and mattress support slats inside! All ready to assemble and enjoy a good night’s sleep on. Don't be alarmed by pieces of bark, as it is deliberately left on your hickory logs here; to give you a tactile and multi-sensory rustic experience. Furthermore,  we ship with a full years warranty, to make sure that first night’s sleep is even more blissful. 

    Finishing touches

    It’s not for us to choose your bed linens for you; however, a high quality thread count cotton set certainly wouldn't go amiss here! Especially in some earth tones to pick out the dark hickory even more. That being said, you might like to look at potential bedside cabinets, to really bring the rustic bedroom theme to life.

    Either way, this is a bed that WILL steal the show; so be prepared to find other design touches in your bedroom significantly overshadowed. But hey, that’s what you’re investing in, right? Something extra special that you’ll love, use and show off about for years? 

  • 5 rustic chairs to own in your lifetime

    We were just sat thinking the other day, about how your tastes and needs change at various points in your life! It made us wonder: how many bits of furniture do we all own, on average, in our lifetime? Hundreds, naturally, but what are some of the key pieces that everybody should treat themselves to at least once? Read on to find out what rustic chairs you'll own in your life time!

    1. The first armchair

    Whether you get rustic chairs for your bedroom at home or treat yourself to in college, no chair will ever make you feel as grown up as that first armchair that you treat yourself to. It probably won’t be a groundbreaking design or from a timeless brand; however, you’ll love it and have amazing memories of it! Which will probably make you look for something similar when you’re older and furnishing your forever home!

    2. Sociable dining benches

    Dining benches, as opposed to chairs, feel so much more casual, fun and sociable, don’t you think? If you house-share, you’ll definitely want to tap into New York loft living aesthetics by choosing benches over traditional chairs; to create a more communal feel.

    Link to a rustic chair

    3. A nursery rocking chair

    Not everybody plans to have children, or can. We know this and have nothing but love and support for whichever category you fall into, but if you do have a family, a nursery rocking chair is a must. You’ll never forget sinking into that comfortable, supportive rocker during a night feed, while the rest of the house is asleep and you get to gaze at that beautiful baby on your own for a few minutes. We highly recommend making this one of your first nursery furniture purchases, as they provide much needed relief in that final trimester, moms-to-be!

    4. Decadent bedroom chaise longue

    Who hasn’t, at least once, fancied the idea of a velvet chaise at the foot of the bed or in front of a window? We blame Netflix for making shows such as Bridgerton, which has us all dreaming of fancy furniture and brocade fabrics! Either way, a chaise is a very practical choice, as well as a stylish one. Great for sitting to put on shoes, to read a book or to simply relax without taking a full-on nap, you can live out your regency fantasies through a simple furniture purchase.

    5. A traditional porch swing

    We’ve saved the best for last. The porch swing that you sit on when you’ve worked hard; and have been able to retire and just want to enjoy some quiet time with your better half. It’s not a cliche to want to enjoy these picture-perfect moments. It's the American dream and we are very much here for it!

    Come back soon to read more of our must-have furniture series!

  • Take Notice of this Counter Stool

    Not all bar and counter stools are created equal; with many falling prey to wobbly legs, being uncomfortable or simply not looking elegant enough. We’ve thought long and hard about creating the perfect rustic stool. One to counter all of these issues and at last, here it is. Let us show you our hickory log counter stool!

    Link to the hickory log counter stool


    The joy the hickory log counter stool

    Let’s jump right into the design process here and talk about why we decided to create a hickory log upholstered counter stool. First of all, we wanted the stool to be strong; but not bully, while also giving us a really rugged rustic look. That left just one wood as a possibility: humble hickory. Stoic, tough as nails yet modest in size when it comes to logs. We knew it was the perfect choice for this design! Furthermore, don’t you just love the way the spindles have been delicately turned at each end to fit into the frame without any disjointed connections? 

    The frame of this stool, we think, is one of the most handsome we have ever produced; despite being so wonderfully simple. The hickory does so much of the work here with that raspy bark and naturally gorgeous exterior, but we wanted to to add extra struts to show it off, so you’ll find three on each side of the stool, not just the standard one or two. But then came our real dilemma: how do we finish it?

    A luxury seat


    We could have taken so many different turns here. Naturally, there was the option to have a hickory seat, gently shaped to offer comfort; however, that wasn't what we were after. We pictured someone wanting to sit here for a few relaxing hours! That’s when it hit us: a thickly padded, decadent leather upholstered seat.

    Not only will a padded seat be welcome, baby wrapping the generous layer of foam in leather; you can embrace an ageing rustic aesthetic for the next few years. Every use of the seat will create a more buttery soft leather. Every movement will start to add a little character! Then, before you know it, the top will look as rustic as the frame! You will have stools that look as though they were built with your home!

    To complement the hickory frame, we’ve selected a neutral chocolate brown for the upholstery and think that it really sets the whole look of wonderfully. And while we think this is a fabulous stool to behold, we know that it wouldn’t look too much to have say three or four, all lined up at a breakfast or home bar. That’s how understated we have managed to keep them.

    We ship for free when four or more are purchased together; or, one ships for free with a large item! There’s never been a better time to treat yourself to some upmarket comfort with nature at its core. Go on…you deserve it!

  • Can't Sideline this Sideboard

    We know that sometimes you want your storage furniture to fulfil a duty and almost slink into the background unnoticed, but why? Investing in beautiful storage furniture that not only ups the practicality of your house; but also, adds significantly to the aesthetic is fantastic! We might just have the sideboard to convince you of that.  Let us show you our Rustic Teak Sideboard!

    Retro, rustic and revolutionary with a Rustic Teak SideboardLink to the Rustic teak Sideboard

    We are so in love with our rustic teak and reclaimed wood sideboard that it’s hard to know where to start with describing it. First off, there’s the overall appearance which harks back to the 60s; with a boxy cabinet propped up on slim legs and boasting a super simple frontage. That’s no bad thing as we all know how sought after those classic 60s pieces are today. Hang on…is this a future collectible?

    We’ve brought together two of our favorite woods; teak and reclaimed timber, to create a harmoniously multi-tonal design that doesn’t deserve to be hidden in a dark corner. In fact, we think you’re likely to place this somewhere it will get a lot of attention; or maybe even buy more than one, to add some flair to a variety of rooms. Afterall, this style of storage can work anywhere!

    In a bedroom, what you’re looking at is a perfect folded clothes storage space with a flat top for cosmetics and accessories. In a living room, this could be a games cabinet or even something to stand your television on and we just know you can picture this in your hallway too! What a way to hide all the shoes and dog leads!

    One size doesn’t fit all

    Though we think this solid wood sideboard will look fantastic in any style of home, from cabins and lodges to contemporary urban apartments, we know that one size never works for everybody, which is why we have two to choose from. Whether you need a two or four-door version; your sideboard will receive the same amount of care and attention during the build process! What’s more, you’ll qualify for free shipping within the US mainland too.

    We’ve been creating stunning solid wood furniture for long enough to see trends come and go. However, two things have remained the same: storage furniture is always needed and simple designs with a retro twist are always popular. Who doesn't like a little dose of nostalgia in their homes after all? When you can bring retro vibes together with much-needed storage; it’s a recipe for success! As long as, you can keep the themes understated and chic. Now we don’t like to toot our own horn or anything; but, we think this piece really speaks for itself in that respect. 

    Do you agree?

  • Make Your Holidays Special

    Getting together with friends and family for the holidays is the best feeling in the world, but how can you make it just that little bit extra special? With a few decorating and entertainment ideas with wood furniture; that will make you the host with the most! Here’s 10 to get you started:

    Link to an asian walnut coffee table Asian Walnut Coffee Table

    1. Dish out personalized crackers

    Fun, silly and so simple to create, personalized crackers really get the party started. You can either simply add people’s names to the outside, or you can open them up and switch gifts around to ensure happy recipients. 

    2. Invest in a new dining table

    This might sound a little extravagant, but if you are expecting a big gathering and you want to take some amazing pictures! Maybe a tired old dining table isn’t really what you want as a backdrop. Maybe its time to pick up some new gorgeous wood furniture! Order a new table soon though to ensure pre-holidays delivery!

    3. Make embroidered napkins

    Such a fun activity to do with older children, making embroidered napkins with fun designs or names on them is relaxing and so crafty. Good for the environment too, as you’ll waste less paper alternatives. Martha Stewart herself would be proud!

    4. Choose festive mood lighting

    A rustic piece of wood furniture!

    Turn off the main bright light and get out the candles for some softer and cozier lighting. As you get a little more full with food and a touch sleepy, the softer lighting will feel far more comforting than a harsh glare from overhead!.

    5. Put out comfortable chairs

    Forget the old days of having four matching chairs then a bunch of random stools, lawn chairs and boxes for extra guests. Now, you need to be prepared with a full contingent of comfortable, stylish and supportive chairs for everyone. No excuses!

    6. Have options for the veggies

    There’s no getting away from the fact that vegetarians and vegans are on the rise so be prepared ahead of meal times by having plenty of non-meat options to choose from. You’ll make everybody feel truly welcome and ensure that everyone gets a satisfying feed as well.

    7. Play table games

    Even if you just have a deck or two of cards ready to go, some table-top games are always a fun way to keep the atmosphere jovial and fun between courses or before food is served. Just don;t be tempted to get Twister out after a big meal!

    8. Have a seconds bell

    A bit of fun for diners and a big compliment for the chef, why not place a cheeky bell on the table that anybody wanting seconds can ring? We don’t thank our diligent cooks enough at this time of year but this is a good way to show them we care.

    9. Include your furry friends

    The holidays are for family and that means your pets too! We’re not suggesting you let them sit at the table with you, though that would be really good fun, but pop a beautiful wood furniture dog bed underneath so they can hoover up any spills and get a little treat at the same time. 

    10. Cherish the time

    Lastly, make sure you cherish every experience. We are all so much more grateful for holiday get-togethers now that we were forced to miss some during the pandemic and it would be remiss not to just revel in each other's company and the joy that this time of year brings.

    Happy holidays from everyone at Woodland Creek Furniture!

  • (Got your) back for good

    Everybody remembers a bad dining chair, not least because of the ongoing chiropractor bills that come as a result of sitting on it for too long. However, why don’t we celebrate the really good ones more? Today, we will with our Austere Upholstered Dining Chair!

    It’s true isn't it? If you’ve ever been forced to sit on an uncomfortable chair for a long period of time. Then you remember it and the style of chair that caused you pain, right? Well, when was the last time you felt supported and comfy; and, took a mental note of the chair that brought you joy? Probably never, because you took it for granted. Today, we encourage a little appreciation for the humble perfect dining chair, because we have created it!

    Gorgeous style with the Austere Upholstered Dining Chair!

    Are dining chairs traditionally the most exciting thing in a space? Of course not, but that doesn't mean that they have to go unnoticed or undervalued. Even though we have created a super simple variety here, in the form of our Austere oak upholstered dining chair, the timeless style and inherent comfort cannot be denied.

    The upholstery is as reserved and unfussy as possible, being offered in a beige or gray, so as to complement the maximum number of dining spaces possible. Of course we could have offered a neon pink or lightning bolt fabric option. However, we don’t think as many of you would need them. Maybe. The generous seat and back padding provides a soft surface for all key contact points, while the gentle tilt of the back support gives you scope  for relaxing into your seat a little more. Then comes the frame.

    Crafted from quality oak, you know that this is a frame built to last. So much so, you’re far more likely to reupholster your seats a few times; before, you need to carry out any repairs or remedial work on the oak! We’ve maintained a sleek, tapered design throughout the frame to pull together a modest and compact feel. One that will look great around small or large family dining tables alike.

    Link to the Austere Upholstered Dining Chair

    Logistics and delivery

    These chairs are considered to be small items, which means that unless you buy 4+ in one order; you will be liable to pay a small freight fee. We keep shipping costs as low as possible, but single items need to be paid for unfortunate, but hey. Maybe this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to pull the trigger on a whole new dining suite? Is your table a little tired, as well as your chairs? If you buy a full set together, curbside delivery is provided free, just so long as you are in one of the contiguous states.

    We’d like to take a minute to say thank you for considering a domestic product, handmade in our artisan workshops. In an age where disposable and cheap options have become the norm, taking the time to consider a more sustainable and crafted alternative is exceptionally appreciated. That’s why we are only too happy to do everything in our power to make your ordering and shipping process as simple as possible, so if we can help in any way, please get in touch.

  • Good Clean Style

    Bathroom vanity units used to be a neglected element of home design, maybe because of their perfunctory natures. However, we’ve decided to take a stand against boring bathrooms! Let us show you our Rustic Teak Wood Vanity!

    Link to the Rustic Teak Wood Vanity

    Rustic Teak Wood Vanity Style

    When it comes to rustic furniture design, we’re the experts. It’s no use being falsely modest or humble here. We know what good designs look like. We know how to craft lasting furniture. Furthermore, we do both on a daily basis. That’s why when we turned our attention to bathroom vanity units! We wanted to step outside our comfort zone and go for gold. That’s exactly the motivation that led to the rustic teak and reclaimed wood vanity coming to fruition. 

    Whoever said that wood and bathrooms can’t mix was wrong and potentially responsible for years of people being afraid to bring their rustic dreams into their most private spaces. We’re here to tell you that not only do the right woods THRIVE in bathroom environments; but also, that rustic vanity units and accompaniments look fantastic in a bathroom. Why? Because they are so charmingly warm and inviting.

    Keeping Rustic Teak Wood Vanity designs simple

    Bathrooms don’t need to be fussy, they need to be clean, easy to use and comfortable, which is what we kept in mind when we designed our rustic vanity. Combining hardy teak with dramatic reclaimed timber, the undulations in wood tones here create all the excitement you need; without fiddly detailing, but we haven’t skimped on the storage. 

    Available as a two or four-door option, you can easily hide away all your toiletries and spare linens; before, adding what we think is the absolutely perfect finishing touch - countertop sinks. Whether you need one or two, adding a stone sink just sets the organic vibe of this vanity off and creates an overall look. A look that is spectacularly luxurious but somehow so natural at the same time. You could even choose to keep the wood theme going and install petrified wood options, with an understated faucet.

    Key points to remember before installing wood in a bathroom:

    • Choose a reputable furniture supplier who can answer any questions you might have
    • Be sure you are using wood that is moisture resistant
    • Consider aromatic choices such as teak and red cedar

    Make your choice

    All you need to decide is which of our two standard sizes you need and which sink and faucet package you’d like to add. From there, we will do all the legwork for you. Of course, it’s our honor to ship free of charge if you live in the contiguous states, leaving you to simply choose your plumbing team and wait for installation day. But wait. If you’re replacing a vanity, do you also need to consider a linen closet or other matching storage? If you do, be sure to check out our comprehensive range of rustic bathroom additions.

  • Best Materials to Combine with Wood

    Solid wood furniture looks, smells and feels great to use and live with; however, when you want to add some extra pizazz. There are a host of fantastic materials that work beautifully with natural timber. Here are our top 5:

    1. Contrasting woods

    Is this one a bit of a cheat? Maybe. However, no other materials for wood looks as good as other, color-contrasting varieties of wood. The striking visual of pale and dark woods working together and being intertwined in a stylish design is unforgettable and retains the organic feel that solid wood always inspires as well. 

    2. Metal

    Whether in the form of trims, handles, frame or bases, metal is a fantastic partner for wood across a variety of platforms. And don’t forget that it can be plated, coated and coored too! We feature a number of designs that have options of black, polished stainless steel and even brushed gold stainless steel features and they all look incredible, with a variety of woods.

    3. Resin

    DIY videos and social media might make it look as simple as pouring resin into a crack to create dynamic table design; however, there is far more artistry and skill involved than you might think. When partnered correctly, you can enjoy a dazzling visual contrast that tells a story and creates finished furniture items. Items that have unique charm and personality.

    If you’ve ever marveled at tables with bright blue ‘river’ effects running through them. Then you’re already aware of the wood and resin trend.

    4. Leather

    Leather and wood. It’s a love story as old as time! One provides the stability and support and the there the luxury and comfort. From high-backed dining chairs with thick, sumptuous seat pads encased in the butteriest leather; to traditional rustic desks with inlaid leather tops! There is so much scope for bringing these two gorgeous materials together.

    We particularly like sticking to a subdued and natural color palette with the leather, ranging from chocolate browns to soft beiges and maybe even a forest green. Gorgeous!

    5. Stone

    Wood and stone go together so well because they coexist in nature but when you bring them into your home, what an impact they make! It’s because they interact naturally, with varying textures and colors creating an organic harmony but within an indoor setting, they look surprising and interesting together! Our favorite way to combine these two materials is with a rustic bathrooLink to a vanity combined with a material for wood m vanity unit that plays host to a countertop stone sink. What a way to make the ‘smallest room in the house’ feel like an exceptionally big deal!

  • The seat with the seamless lines

    Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to treat yourself to some new dining chairs. Your old ones were ok and did the job just fine, but now you want to up the style stakes, inject a little modernity and maximize your comfort too. Well then. We might just have what you’re looking for! Let's show you our Watson Falls Upholstered Leather Dining Chair 

    A wonderful waterfall design

    Our Watson Falls upholstered leather dining chairs are a whole new level of dining room chic, but what exactly is a waterfall chair? In simple terms, it’s a seat that has a continuous swathe of upholstery that forms an unending seat and back pad. The look feels contemporary and most importantly, looks so comfortable, thanks to the graceful bend that creates in-built support.

    Sat atop a stoic and simple wooden frame base, the waterfall seat itself has the look of a gently balanced art form, almost suspended in mid-air. It’s quite the optical illusion and comes in either beautiful beige or timeless tan. In a bold move away from the norm though, we’ve made the base just as gorgeous as the upholstery!Link to the Watson Falls Upholstered Leather Dining Chair

    Artistry and ash wood with upholstered leather dining chair comfort!

    Solid, beautiful ash wood has been put to perfect use for the chair frame here and the pale timber really helps to highlight the sumptuous luxury of the leather that sits on top of it. It looks and feels smooth and thanks to the mid-back design; gives support exactly where you need it. Especially during those long family dinners that stretch out into the evening. 

    We’ve kept everything else standard, to allow you to mix and match with any regular height table, so your seat is a comfortable 19” high, but what’s that? You love the look but have a yearning for something a whole lot more custom? Why not ask and see what we can do. A colored finish on the ash wood perhaps? Or maybe alternative upholstery? It’s all just a question away.

    Easy delivery

    If you buy less than 4 chairs, a small freight fee will apply! However, buy 4+ or just one chair with a new table and we are delighted to offer free shipping; within the contiguous states. If you’ve been looking for a sign to replace all of your tired chairs and not just the worst one. This is it, as the money saved on shipping really does make these seats more affordable than you’d ever believe. Guests certainly won’t believe what great value they were either.

    If you’re after a stock design and we have stock, you’ll be able to take delivery usually within 1-2 weeks, so what are you waiting for? Order now for an early holiday present to yourself!

  • The Perfect Accompaniment

    ining tables are great but they have stolen the show for long enough; and now, it’s time for dining chairs to get their time in the spotlight. Once toe afterthought of a new dining suite, perfectly comfortable, stylish and lasting  leather dining chair is a must. Let us show you the fabulous design we have today.

    Simplicity rules

    We aren’t afraid of a little fancy design and you all know that when it comes to dining room furniture. We create some of the most beautiful tables around, but what about chairs? Well, given howLink to the Hawthorne Leather Dining Chair dramatic so many of our table designs are, we wanted to come up with a simple chair style that could be used in more than one style of space, which is how our Hawthorne leather dining chair came to be. 

    At first glance, these chairs could look understated to the point of totally neutral. However, in reality, a lot of considered design and craftsmanship has gone into them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the details.

    A Buttery soft leather dining chair

    What’s the biggest problem with most dining chairs? That they aren’t comfortable enough for extended periods of use and that’s not exactly helpful; when you think about holiday gatherings, dinner parties and the like. That’s why we chose the softest, most sumptuous leather for our upholstery! Furthermore, you can choose from three deliciously neutral yet still impactful color choices too! These choices  include: soft beige, traditional tan and chocolate brown.

    We take care to not only cover your chair frame, but them add an extra layer of padding. All of it is encased in your choice of leather, with a stylish overhang at the top. Which guarantees no uncomfortable pressure points or forgotten edges and with detailed stitching; we know you’ll love the look as much as the feel.

    Understated metal bases

    As a do-all dining chair, we made sure to create a simple yet very secure base. One that we make from a simple metal frame that can be left silver or colored black. Sitting at 19” high, the chairs will work with any regular height table and can be reupholstered at any point, to last even longer. Tastes may change but a stylish metal base is forever and can always be adapted to blend with new decor; so if nothing else, what a fantastically sustainable choice!

    If you order 4+ chairs or fewer with a dining table, we are delighted to ship for free, within the contiguous US states and as always, if you have a bespoke idea that you’re dying to talk about, please do get in touch today.

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