Rustic Oak Barn Wood Dining Table

This beautiful oak barn wood dining table starts with natural aged barn wood that is over 100 years old.  Barns throughout the Midwest were made with a variety of wood species including hemlock, pine, oak, ash, and beech.  As the barns are taken down the wood is reclaimed and sorted putting the hard to find oak off to the side.  Our rustic oak barn wood dining tables are made from this hand selected wood.  Talk about a sturdy table – nothing short of a fire will hurt this table.  Everyday wear and tear only enhance the distressing and increase its rustic charm.  Should you get a fresh, deep scratch you can use a special tinted wax to touch it up.  In minutes the scratch blends in and it will look as it is as old as the rest of the natural markings.  Images this – some of the reclaimed wood’s blemishes were made over a 100 years ago. The farmer may have ran his horse buggy into the posts and it created a nick or scar.  These markings, coupled with Mother Nature slowly and methodically subjecting the wood to four harsh seasons for 100 years, are what gives the table its rustic charm.

Now let’s talk about the design.  Most reclaimed wood tables found on the market are boxy and lack refinement.  Not this table.  The curved base, curved corbels and curved accent pieces give this table its refined or sophisticated rustic appearance.  The table’s trestle base design allows for comfortable seating all the around the table.

This rustic oak barn wood dining table can be made any size need to fit your home, cottage, cabin, lodge or ranch.  Custom barn wood tables are our specialty.  We have made barn wood tables as small as 36″ x 36″ and as large as twenty five feet long.  Measure you space and tell us down to the inch.  It can also be made taller should you prefer a gathering table height of 36″ or bar height of 42″.

Our customer service representatives are here seven days a week from 10:00 to 6:00 Eastern Standard Time to answer questions or provide shipping quotes.  Call or email us today to discuss your project.  If you email, be sure to include the desired size and your zip code, so we may provide a complete quote.

Rustic Oak Barn Wood Dining Table
Item #DT00111
60″L x 42″W to 48″W x 31″H – $3,195
72″L x 42″W to 48″W x 31″H – $3,295
84″L x 42″W to 48″W x 31″H – $3,395
96″L x 42″W to 48″W x 31″H – $3,595
108″L x 42″W to 48″W x 31″H – $4,195
120″L x 42″W to 48″W x 31″H – $4,795
Custom Sizes Available

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