What Is Modern Rustic Furniture Design?

Modern Rustic Dining Table
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What Is Modern Rustic Furniture Design?

The modern rustic furniture style is one of the trendiest choices you can explore when designing a room. Your furniture can feature an appealing classic look with a warm and earthy tone. Let’s take a closer look at what modern rustic furniture design entails.

The Concept of Modern Rustic

Modern rustic is about creating a more natural look in a room. The style takes its inspiration from nineteenth-century styles. The style became more popular in the twentieth century as more people started moving from rural areas into cities.

The modern rustic style brings about memories and nostalgia. It reflects a calmer and more peaceful world away from the stress of the city.

The style also focuses on the unity of all things in nature. The calm look of modern rustic furniture adds a calming feel to any room, especially in busier spots.

The design involves many unique concepts:

  • Modern rustic furniture includes wood with a raw and unfinished style.
  • Geometric shapes appear throughout the furniture to create a classic style.
  • Some distressed features can appear around the furniture. The wood itself may be reclaimed with a more refined design, for example. Metals might have a slight patina, while fabric or leather materials could have a distressed look.
  • Whole wood planks may be incorporated in some modern rustic designs. These can include planks that support the bottom part of the furniture, for example.
  • Rustic furniture can include a deep hue with darker tones.

Our Modern Rustic Dresser and Chest at Woodland Creek Furniture is one example of how well the style works. It has a refined look with multiple tones alongside a mix of sustainable and reclaimed wood.

What Colors Work?

Modern rustic furniture design focuses on a neutral color layout. These colors should be reflective of nature and can include:

  • Warm brown tones
  • Off-white and white colors, including cream
  • Grayish hues
  • Small green accents may also work

Neutral colors are appealing for offering a gentle look while blending well with many other colors in your home. You can add throw pillows to your rustic furniture, for example. Some blankets or rugs with equally neutral colors can also fit in. You can also add greenery into your home to blend in with your modern rustic furniture.

The best furniture pieces will keep one or two colors. Our Modern Rustic Banded Farm Table creates a simplified look, for instance. Three colors may also work in some cases, as a tri-chromatic style produces enough variation without creating something that sounds too busy. Our Modern Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bench includes multiple dark tones in one mix.

What Additional Items Work?

While some modern rustic pieces can include metal or leather, the goal is to create something that offers the most natural look possible. Some stone accents can appear on a furniture piece, for example. A stone top can go alongside wood table legs.

 A Great Design To Try

The modern rustic style is a great option to explore when you’re looking for furniture that can fit your home. This style provides a quaint and calming feeling that helps you feel one with nature. You can find this style in various furniture pieces today, so take note of what’s open when finding quality rustic furniture for your home.