Indulge with Your Family on Our Contoured Comfort Log Picnic Table

Log Picnic Table
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Indulge with Your Family on Our Contoured Comfort Log Picnic Table

Whenever we think of having a picnic, the first thing that crosses our minds is a trip somewhere in some isolated forest. This idea of a picnic is a myth that has gained a lot of undeserved popularity. Why should you move your family to abandoned forests in the name of a picnic while you could have one in your own backyard? 

All you need is to create the same natural ambiance in your backyard and enjoy the picnic experience right at home. Adding a few accessories to your backyard will create the aesthetic look and feel that gets your nerves relaxed and calm for a fun picnic day. Our Contoured Log Picnic Table is made from natural cedar and has a clean smooth sanded finish to bring out this feel. It will help you create a soothing atmosphere around your backyard and allow you to enjoy several benefits of natural wood furniture.

Comfortable and Secure

We all know and acknowledge that there is no place like home. Moving from home to the woods could expose you and your family to risks. If you live in an urban setting, you will have to travel for a long time before finding a place to enjoy such a wildly forest aura. 

However, bringing this piece home allows you to enjoy such an environment without leaving your compound. No fear of bumping into wild animals and other risks. Make your backyard the go-to place for picnics and family gatherings. Acquire the Contoured Log Picnic Table and enjoy nature in the comfort of your safe home.

Reduced Expenses

Picnics held outside your home involve immense costs that could be avoided in the first place. These extra costs include the car fuel, packaging materials for your picnic food and drinks, camping accessories and many others. 

If picnicking is your hobby, buying the Contoured Log Picnic Table could be all you need. It is a long-term investment because you will not have to incur any extra costs when organizing picnics. This furniture piece also allows you to have as many picnics as you want since the picnic site is just in your backyard.


You are just a purchase away from experiencing the most entertaining weekends of your life. Our Contoured Log Picnic Table makes family gatherings and picnics with friends an effortless and affordable pastime. Just place it strategically in your garden, and you have the most fantastic picnic site ever. Moreover, the longevity of the Contoured Log Picnic Table is unmatched. It is made from natural strong cedar wood that lasts for decades, unlike the usual portable picnic tables that break at the slightest pressure. Get rid of the stress of organizing picnics by creating a magical ambiance around your backyard today.

Get the Contoured Log Picnic Table for your family today and change your weekends for good. Our products are of the highest quality and come with affordable monthly payments.