Different Ways to Use the Carved Stump Table

Rustic Stump Coffee Table
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Different Ways to Use the Carved Stump Table

Interior decor can be challenging, especially when looking to add a unique touch to the entire space. After all, it is all about creating memories! Therefore, you must pick something durable yet beautiful. One way to achieve that is to use interesting furniture that blends well with the entire color scheme without seeming too tacky. Considering the growing popularity of rustic furnishings, you can choose to create a wood-based vibe in your living room. It will undoubtedly make your place seem more homely and warm! Looking for a statement piece that can help bring outdoors indoors? In that case, there's no reason why you shouldn't invest in a tree stump table for your home. Its natural goodness is sure to impart a sense of comfort and warmth to your abode.

Here are some  ways to use tree stump tables in your house!

Use It as a Coffee Table

What better way to sip your evening caffeine while sitting on a sofa and having your feet propped up on a coffee table? Or maybe you could use it to serve beverages when guests are home. In short, every living room needs a beautiful piece of furniture that you can use to store eatables like cookies. Using a tree stump side table is a perfect choice as it will improve the room's aesthetic while being utilized in your daily life.

Make it a Part of the Kids' Corner

If you have kids living in the home, you probably understand how important it is to dedicate a separate playing section for them. Or else, you might run the risk of your living room being turned into a massive playground. Using a glass top table around the tiny tots might not be the best idea. There's always a chance of breakage and someone getting hurt. However, a stump table is entirely safe. For the seating arrangement, you can add toadstools around it.

Convert It into a Garden Stool

Let's be honest - tables can be incredibly comfortable to sit on! What if you could use a short-length table as a stool instead? In this way, you can conveniently incorporate tree stumps into your fireplace area. You can use these stools to enjoy a get-together with your friends or spend some time watching television. If you are running low on funds, you can take up a DIY project and carve it out of an old tree trunk very easily.