Create a beautiful Table space in your home with this Modern Root Console Table

Modern Root Console Table
2022-05-03 16:00:00 65 view(s)

Create a beautiful Table space in your home with this Modern Root Console Table

Looking to bring a truly unique piece to your home? A Modern Root Console Table will offer a truly unique feature to pretty much any room, especially a living room needing a side table that really pops.

Contemporary but Rustic

This console table is different than you are used to. When we think console tables, we usually just assume a table made of wood, with a couple of drawers. However, this contemporary console table does things different, offering something made of reclaimed tree roots combined with thick metal. It’s an artistic table, that you will want to add as a centerpiece. The metal is black, creating the contemporary feel to this; in addition, with the reclaimed tree roots in the center! It is a breathtaking piece of furniture.

Strong and Beautiful

This teak console table is made from reclaimed tree roots that would otherwise not be utilized. It creates transitional furniture design, and offers high-end benefits, and uses galore. It is an organic table with modern touches that fits nicely with any home décor you are thinking of! Futhermore, it holds quite a bit, so you don’t have to worry about this breaking down! The reinforced metal will allow it hold whatever you choose to put on it.

Perfect for a TV Stand!

Some will use this solid console table as a side piece, but this contemporary console table can fit right in the middle as a TV Stand. We can build it to accommodate those needs, creating something absolutely breathtaking, and something you might not otherwise get to enjoy. If you are ready to bring both modern touches and traditional, rustic feel to your living room, and to your home in general, this is the perfect piece to do the job! We make it directly in our workshop and then ship it off. No two pieces are alike, so if you purchase this console table, you’re getting something truly beautiful, and absolutely unique.