All You Should Know About Olde Towne Rustic Log Vanity

Olde Towne Rustic Vanity
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All You Should Know About Olde Towne Rustic Log Vanity

If you want to add a diverse aesthetic to your home, there's no substitute for rustic furniture. Its humble elegance, vintage charm, and ultimate ruggedness are sure to impart a natural edge to the entire space.

When it comes to creating a rustic bathroom, an Olde Towne Rustic Vanity will serve the purpose! Made with barn wood, this timeless piece seamlessly incorporates all grain distortion, saw marks, and mineral streaks.

The solid northern white cedar makes it highly durable and appealing to look at. In this old-fashioned Towne Rustic Vanity package, you get multiple features that vary slightly from each other. Here are a few points to take note of:

Choose the Vanity Cabinet Size

Based on the space available and walls measurement, you can pick the right log vanity size for your bathroom. While ordering, you will see multiple sizing options ranging from 24" (2 ft) to 72" (6 ft). As the length and width increase, you will also get more area between vanity tops and storage in the cabins and drawers.

Remember, the price of this solid wood rustic vanity increases on picking bigger sizes. However, the extra space is worth every penny!

Select Whether You Want a Vanity Top or Not

Avoiding water or soap from spilling over onto the vanity surface is not always possible. To protect the wood from facing any structural damage, you can choose from our wooden vanity top or opt to order the cabinet with a vanity top and order locally a vanity top made of authentic stone. You might be worried about how it compromises the rustic appearance of your furniture, but it is only making it more durable.

The Olde Towne Rustic Log Vanity can come with a wooden top that adds approximately 1" depth, 2" height, and 1" width to all sides that are not in the vicinity of a wall.

Decide the Sink Position

Made with copper or stone, the sink can have multiple positions based on your preference. You can decide the vanity orientation and choose the sink or vessel sink to be placed on the left, right, or center.

The sink center vanities are made with a faux drawer and a functional door in the middle with three drawers on each side. Similarly, sink left or right vanities come with a faux drawer and a functional door in the center and three drawers on the opposite end.

Double sink vanities are made with a false drawer, a working door below each sink, and three drawers in the center.

Pick the Finish

The top finish of your olde towne rustic vanity can heavily impact the appearance of your bathroom. Here, you have 4 options to decide from. You can select an American chestnut finish for a dark brown, glossy look. If that's not what you are looking for, you also have the option to pick barn wood for a more chalky-brown shade.

Similarly, you can also pick clear, or honey amber finishes to adjust the rustic look of your home. Also, you can select different vanity orientations like free standing, between the walls, or adjacent to a wall and a linen closet.