4 Amazing Antler Furniture Creations from Woodland Creek    

Woodland Creek Furniture Specializes in Reclaimed Organic Materials in its Designs. 

Elk and deer shed their antlers as winter progresses, allowing them to save energy in the deep cold. Many local Department of Natural Resource Offices allow Scouts to collect antlers on DNR managed land. The Scouts resell the antlers to raise money for their troupe.

Woodland Creek Furniture’s craftsman use many of these shed antlers from elk, mule, whitetail and moose for their exclusive antler furniture & antler tables. Combining antler sheds and natural edge woods of black walnut, ash, maple, cherry, aspen, oak or beautiful burl our craftsman create amazing antler designs never before attempted in the furniture industry. Each antler furniture piece is a work of fine American art.

Reclaimed wood with Antler Embellishment

This new reclaimed antler dining table is made with a solid wood natural live edge slab top supported by an organic juniper trunk and natural elk sheds. The base features real elk antlers finished in our exclusive bronze finish. This elite finish has taken many months for our design group to perfect.

The finish has genuine copper particles mixed in to create this rustic deep copper bronze hue. The thick juniper base will also have a beautiful bronze finish. A variety of master tints are available for our antler furniture. From Opel & Gold to Rustic Barn wood or Natural to White Wash the tints will accent any rustic or modern décor.

We suggest placing the antler table in a sunlight area. Allowing sunlight to shine across the surface creates a deep golden glow to the surface. The combination of rich black walnut and real antler in bronze is stunning. Please share your thought of adding moose or fallow deer shed to create your personal design. Of course, we can make our antler tables in the length and width of your choice.

Antler Furniture made for authentic elk and deer antler shedding!

Woodland Creek’s antler sofa table or antler console table features real Rocky Mountain Elk and Eurasian Fallow Deer antlers. The fallow deer lives in wood and grass lands through out Spain, France, and as far south as Greece. They are noted for their smaller size but spectacular antlers.

This antler sofa table is a Woodland Creek exclusive. Two rugged live edge slabs are paired with real elk and fallow deer antlers. The antler is then finished in our new proprietary bronze & copper finish giving it a rich luster. Or the antlers can be left in their natural color for a more realistic look.
The combination of walnut, antler and bronze create a functional antler table with an artistic design. Our antler furniture can be made custom sizes to fit your space. Black walnut has always been the favorite but a table made of cherry is equally as beautiful!

a beautiful piece of antler furniture!
Despite popular belief, the size of a deer rack is not a good indicator of the animal’s age. Adult male’s antlers will reach its largest sizes at about five to eight years. Deer antlers have been recorded to grow as fast as ½” per day. This striking antler coffee table is designed with two beautiful live edge black walnut slabs paired with naturally shed deer and elk antlers. The craftsman artistically designed the antler coffee table so it has a raised shelf. We can also make the antler coffee table in this way.

A beautiful Combination!

The combination of walnut and antler create a functional artistic design. We can also make our antler coffee table in custom sizes to fit your space. Keep in mind, that we make our antler furniture with many other species of wood such as redwood, burl wood, maple, ash, elm and oak. Share your design ideas. We are very creative.

Bull elk lose their antlers each March, but they begin to grow them back in May in preparation for the late summer breeding season. Today elk live primarily in western North America, especially in mountainous landscapes such as Wyoming’s National Elk Refuge and Yellowstone National Park. Some eastern U.S. states like Michigan have reintroduced small elk herds into heavily wooded wilderness areas. Pigeons River State forest is the home of Michigan’s elk herd. The artisans of Woodland Creek rarely get a period of time they are not working on a customer’s order; however, on those rare occasions, we allow our wonderful artist to dream up beautiful new antler designs!

A beautiful antler rocking chair
This spectacular rocker was designed and built by one of the most talented rustic furniture builders in the country. If you want a rustic piece of antler furniture that amazes visitors when they visit your home, office or lodge. Furthermore, we can guarantee that this handcrafted elk antler rocker will create memories for a lifetime. Our handcrafted antler rocker is not only jaw dropping, but it actually rocks. Created from natural shed elk antler and burl redwood along with hours of tedious design work. We invite you to visit our showrooms to see the most unique handcrafted rustic antler furniture available in the world. This antler rocker typifies our commitment to crafting and exhibiting the most unique antler furniture in America.

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